Candy The Pony

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The adventures of a pony

Submitted: October 30, 2012

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Submitted: October 30, 2012



There once was a horse who had everything she could want. Her name was Candy because she was absolutely beautiful, and as sweet as candy. She was always happy, because she was with her family, which was her dad, her mom and her sister. The grasslands she lived on seemed endless, and she didn't have any worries.

One day, that all changed. While Candy and her dad were by the creek, they smelled a terrible burning smell. When they turned around, they saw that they're precious grassland was ablaze! Candy’s dad quickly started galloping to the rocks nearby, and he hid Candy in a cave. He promised he would be right back, as soon as he found her mother and sister.

Candy waited obediently by the mouth of the cave, until it got very dark, and she got very hungry. She figured she might as well find some warmth and food for her family so when they returned, they would be happy. She decided to search inside the cave, because she could easily get lost outside in the dark. While she searched in the cave, she walked over hundreds of bones, not knowing whose bones they could be. She walked for at least a mile, and when she was about to turn in for the night, she saw a little fire, a mountain of purple fur, and a giant pile of food. She excitedly ate as much as she wanted, and snuggled up next to the purple fur and fell asleep.

The next morning, Candy woke up early, and started cleaning up a little bit, because she realized that someone must live there, no one just leaves food and fire lying around. All of a sudden she heard a low rumbling. Her first thought was that the cave was caving in! She started to run but the mountain of fur was getting bigger and bigger, and it blocked her path. It growled, and Candy realized it wasn't a mountain, it was a monster or creature of some sort! She must have been making too much noise, so it woke up! She started baking up slowly, frantically thinking of what to do. What if her family came and found her eaten? What if they get eaten too, because they were going to come right into the monster's cave?

The creature bared its teeth, displaying rows of teeth like a sharks. Candy whinnied in fear. Then the creature made a weird snorting sound, and Candy knew she was a goner for sure. The monster raised its hand, and by that time Candy was shaking in fear. The monster growled in its low voice “pretty!”

Candy, shocked the monster could talk, and that it wasn't eating her already, sputtered “wh-what?”

The monster grimaced again, and sort of cleared its throat. “you’re pretty” it said in a clearer voice. Candy, stilled scared of insulating the creature, said “Th-thank you”

“What's your name?” asked the monster, almost sounding friendly now.

“Candy” she answered, relaxing a little now. She started thinking clearly again, and realized the monster had plenty of food right next to him, so it probably wasn't going to eat her any time soon. When the monster grimaced again and said “I like that. Candy”, Candy realized that the monster wasn't grimacing, he was smiling! That lead her to believe that he wasn't snorting, he was laughing.

Candy and the monster talked some more. She learned his name was Pascual,  and they became best friends very fast. She told him that she was waiting for her family, and the reason she came into his cave was that her home caught fire. Pascual said that they should go out and look for her family, because maybe her family didn't know where to go. He said if they went together, Candy could never get lost.

So that's what they did. They searched far and wide, absolutely everywhere, right to the outskirts of the human civilization, for at least two weeks. Candy had all but given up hope. She decided that it wasn't worth searching anymore, they just weren't going to be found. Pascual convinced her to search one last time while he went hunting for more food.

Candy started looking in a grove of trees, asking a deer if it had seen 3 horses. Suddenly, the deer fell over with an arrow in it’s side. All at once, the king showed up, smiling from the success of his hunt. Candy was frightened by the sight of a human. She had never seen one up close before, and this one was sitting on a horse!

And even though the king had obviously seen a horse before, he had never seen one so beautiful. He was mesmerized by Candy, and he wanted to take her back to his kingdom right away. But the king also was kind to animals, and he realized Candy might have a family, and he didn't just want to take her away.  The king’s horse, understanding what the king wanted, asked Candy if she had family. Candy sadly replied that she was pretty sure she didn't. After hearing this, the king took Candy along, thinking she had nothing to lose.

Candy’s life at the palace with the king was great, even though she missed Pascual, and was concerned that he might worry. She was treated very well, because she was the king’s favorite horse. She was trained to fight, and the people soon found out that Candy was incredibly fast, and was an amazing war horse. Candy didn't realize she was being trained for war, she just thought they were playing games.

The war Candy was being trained for had been planned for a while. The king’s advisers now thought they had the advantage they needed to finally attack and win with Candy. The king was still skeptical. He was convinced they needed another secret weapon, to be sure they won. He knew his kingdom couldn't afford a loss, but they could afford to wait a little longer, in case a secret weapon showed up. He was also afraid that Candy wouldn't understand what to do in actual battle. All of the other horses refused to fight Candy because she was friends with all of them, much to the annoyance of the advisers and trainers.

Another two weeks past, but the king didn't have much time to think about the looming war. His time had been filled with reports of a monster terrorizing the townspeople. Even with a big reward, no one could capture or stop the monster. The king realized something had to be done. He got an idea, a way to kill two birds with one stone.

He he sent his son, prince Aiden, riding Candy to capture the monster. That solved the monster problem, and tested what Candy would do in actual battle. The first day, the prince and his companions rode far out into the forest, right to where the monster was seen last. They decided to camp there for the night, and let twice as many people keep watch, in case the monster came back.

Candy realized that this was near Pascual’s cave! Missing her friend, she went out looking for him when they let her graze.

Aiden, noticing that Candy was walking away, starting following her because he was curious. He trusted Candy enough to know she wouldn't run away. Candy lead him straight to the monster! But the prince realized that the monster wasn't attacking Candy at all. They actually looked like they were....friends! The prince realized that he couldn't kill the monster if he was Candy's friend. He started think, and realized that the monster could be the advantage they needed to finally attack the other kingdom!

They brought the monster and Candy back to the kingdom, and Aiden told the king his plan. The king thought it was a brilliant idea, and they started training Pascual right away. They trained him to hate the midnight blue color of the enemies uniforms, so Pascual would attack anything that color. Candy and Pascual were incredibly happy to be in each others company, and loved the attention everyone in the kingdom was giving them.

Finally it was war time. Aiden was leading the way riding Candy with Pascual, because the king was hoping after seeing them the opposing army would just surrender. He even sent a messenger that said the king wouldn't attack if they peacefully gave up. He knew that if he was the other army, he would give up. Surprisingly, they didn’t surrender.

Candy was spurred to move forward but she couldn't. She realized that the opposing army she was about to fight was her lost family! She would never fight them. Her family also noticed Candy, but they couldn't come forward to embrace her like they wanted to. They were being ridden by the king and the princess themselves. Of course, no one knew it was the princess, for she was dressed as a man so she could fight. She was the only one Candy's sister would let ride on her.

It turned out, that by the time Candy’s father had found Candy’s sister and mother, they ended up right next to the opposing town. Someone had seen the horses, and brought them into the town to the king. Then something similar to what happened to Candy happened. The opposing king realized that these horses were amazingly fast, and kept them in the castle, so they couldn't go out and look for Candy.

Sadly, Pascual didn’t know what was going on. He attacked like he was supposed to. Candy realized he was heading straight towards her family, straight towards Candy’s sister! Candy jumped forward to stop Pascual with the prince still on her back. Luckily, Pascual stopped in his tracks. Realizing that none of the horses would fight, the kingdoms were forced to compromise.

The compromise was made easier because the princess--thinking prince Aiden had been in control of Candy and saved her by jumping in front of Pascual--fell in love with the prince. After spending an afternoon together, Prince Aiden fell in love with the princess as well. The kingdoms were forced to make there compromise quickly after that, because they had a wedding to plan!

Candy and her family lived happily again, this time with PAscul and her family in the kingdom. They all lived happily ever after.


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