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This story ended up kind of being close to snow white, but that wasn't the intention. :P

Submitted: October 30, 2012

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Submitted: October 30, 2012




Once upon a time there was a man as muscular as a weightlifter and as handsome as prince charming, Hudson. He was very loved & well known for his strength among the peasants, but because of his social standing he was underprivileged & unpretentious.

The lord of there town Arthur, was also very well-built & admired, but was egotistical and conceited. He boasted that the gorgeous & charismatic neighboring princess Isabella sent him love notes, on scented paper smelling of rose, and writing as decorated as the bible. He held local events where anyone prepared to confront him could fight him. He always came in with a haughty smile on his face; always slashing the legs of the unfortunate horse he was riding off, showing that he wouldn’t run away from battle. For a consecutive 3 years he had been champion.

One night, he heard the audience say that he was getting old, and even though Hudson was to humble to challenge him, he would be champion soon. At the crack of dawn Arthur summoned Hudson to battle. Hudson came alarmed and terrified, but he didn’t retreat. During the battle, a great cloud of dust rose & blocked the spectators view of what was going on. When the dust settled, Hudson was victorious, with Arthur slave to his sword.

This infuriated Arthur & he ordered Hudson’s beheading the next morning. No soul wanted to imagine of the prospect of not having Hudson around. They got together and made a plan that night for a counterfeit Hudson to be executed & Hudson to escape into the woods. This plan was set & a scarecrow was beheaded, while Hudson was out of harm's way in the woods, with his loyal companion, his horse white-ice.

Hudson rambled around for days, uncertain of what he would do next. After 5 cold days & 5 freezing nights, Hudson got his lucky break. He found a little cottage in the middle of nowhere. At first he thought he was dreaming, but it was true.

Inside there were wonderful mystical mermaid like creatures, with eyes the color of the deep blue sea and legs that transformed into slippery, shimmering tails as soon as they hit water. They were startled by the appearance of a young man. These mermaids were ocean divers that found pearls & distributed them to all the lords in the area, including Arthur. The problem they had was there was an atrocious sea creature in the waters, & it had eaten half of there population. It had stopped the pearl diving, & they were becoming poor. Hudson didn’t reveal his identity, but proposed that if he killed this beast, he would be given a home with the mermaids.

They happily agreed, & Hudson set off to kill the creature riding white-ice. Hudson found a boat belonging to the mermaids by the edge of the waters. He climbed in & went off looking for the sea snake, with his sword ready. The sea snake was clever. He knew that Hudson had come to kill him, so he snuck up behind him & was ready to attack when white-ice whined vociferously, alerting Hudson. As he turned around in panic and his sword slashed the sea creature. While the creature was thrashing in pain, Hudson quickly stabbed the creature in his heart. The creature suddenly stopped thrashing & fell with a great splash. Hudson happily returned, & the mermaids were overjoyed & more then happy to give him a home.

The next day Hudson’s luck ran out, because the mermaids had come back with many pearls, & when they went & presented them to Arthur, they let it slip about this strong, handsome man who had killed the horrible sea creature.

Arthur already suspected the beheading of Hudson to be fake, because he knew how much everyone loved Hudson & there were barely any tears when Hudson had been beheaded. When he heard the story he quickly assumed that Hudson had made a plan, & knew he had to take action. Not wanting to upset his pearl divers, he sent them with chocolates & other sweets to share with there new savior. The sweets were infused with potion that would make anyone who ate it weak.  He figured this was the end to all of his problems.

But as soon as the mermaids got home & told their story, Hudson new exactly what Arthur would do & he threw the chocolates away. He knew this feud with the lord would never end, & he knew he couldn’t win alone. So he told the mermaids the whole truth, & they took it very well. They even suggested he join up with the other manor they supplied, Farsistan, because they were the easiest to persuade and they were the most skilled warriors.

The next day Hudson & 2 mermaids went to Farsistan & presented the pearls, & then proposed the idea of helping themin there quest to get rid of the other lord. Farsistan was on board because they too, had had troubles with Arthur.

This is where Hudson & lovely princess Isabella meet, & it was love at first sight. He described her as more beautiful then the sunset, eyes shining like stars, & with a smile that that could convince even the devil to be affectionate. But Hudson had to leave immediately with the mermaids, to fight his battle with Arthur.

They had decided not to kill Arthur, but to remove him from office and have him work in the fields with the other peasants. Unfortunately, they couldn’t do this. There was no one to take Arthur's place rightfully, so the King or the Pope wouldn’t have it. The only thing they could do was attack, and hope they came out victorious.

Luckily for them, the day before inside the lord’s castle there had been the feast of St. George, which had been a cause for great drinking, which has caused a fight. The castle and all of the knights were in bad shape when they were attacked. Hudson also had the element of surprise on their side because the kind assumed him weak and frail.

Arthur had heard about the skill of the Farsistan warriors, and seeing the amount of warriors approaching he quickly surrendered. His army was grateful; because they were sure they would have died if they had to fight.

Hudson was given knighthood and Arthur was made a servant in the castle.  The executioner that saved Hudson was also made knight, and the peasants were treated better. Isabella was married to Hudson within the month, and Hudson became the heir to the throne. They had 6 healthy children, and they lived happily ever after.


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