Demon Hunters: Journey to Arashia al Goria

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Goria, the one who see's and knows all, offered her a chance to be more than a slave, a chance to learn, a chance to survive, but who would want to live in a world as wretched as hers? Corruption in the hierarchy, monstrosities outside the walls, crime in every alley, the world was steeped in chaos. Sirka was no different; she was just another nobody, another piece of trash like the rest of Etako, but, unlike the city, she didn't perish with the attack of the Demonaecia and their Summons. She ran, and now she must continue to run, to find allies, and to brace herself for the end of the world. They are coming, the war is nearing a close, and humanity's salvation has become all but myth.

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Chance Encounters: The Fall of Etako

Submitted: January 27, 2016

  “I watched as the humans struggled for power, as they worshiped me in their lavish shrines with the same naive hopes of be... Read Chapter