The Irony of a Beautiful Day

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I was just inspired by the irony of the first beautiful day in my hometown in weeks immediately following a, not to be melodramatic, tragic break up with my partner of 2 years.

Submitted: January 15, 2012

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Submitted: January 15, 2012



Is there any other way

to arouse such a day?

to bring such a leviathon

to awaken from such a slumber


that which nothing has yet tamed

the centrepiece of all days

to come to smite me

or to induce a better feeling


I cannot pretend to understand

the complexity of what is at hand

for such beauty to follow such tragedy

yet for the predecessor to contain it's own majesty


like upon either neither the earthly whims

or indeed the magnificent nature

can be altered or changed

to suit the needs or wants of one's game


and so perhaps

I may take light in the fact

that perhaps it a coincidence

for a miracle certainly has not occured

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