You're sitting on my car

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic
“Ahem,” he coughed as loudly as he could, brows drawn together in irritated confusion. “Excuse me?” The stranger lazily turned his head to look at whoever just disturbed his apparent brooding. “You're, er, sitting on my car.”

Submitted: September 07, 2015

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Submitted: September 07, 2015



For many years, Harry had thought his little brother Sam to be the most annoying person walking on earth ground. That was until the fateful day in which he came home to find a stranger gingerly sitting on the engine bonnet of his car.


There was a moment of uncomfortable silence in which Harry awkwardly shifted his weight from one foot to another, the grocery bag in his hand rustling softly.


“Ahem,” he coughed as loudly as he could, brows drawn together in irritated confusion. “Excuse me?” The stranger lazily turned his head to look at whoever just disturbed his apparent brooding. “You're, er, sitting on my car.”


There was a heartbeat of silence as the stranger merely blinked at him. Harry felt exasperation bubbling up in his insides at the indifference directed at him out of steel-blue eyes.


“I said,” he started to repeat as he was rudely interrupted by whoever-thought-it-was-a-good-idea-to-randomly-seat-himself-on-other-people's-vehicles.


“You said that I am sitting on your car. I heard you the first time, thank you very much.”


Parting his lips as if in preparation to lecture that guy about manners and certain rules that applied to their western society which definitely included not to sit on a stranger's car, he found himself quite dumbfounded and therefore frightfully speechless. His mouth closed.


“You smell like a wet dog,” the stranger suddenly blurted out and Harry felt his face warming up in embarrassment. “There is an invention, quite recent actually, called a 'shower'. I'd explain it's function, however, it seems quite lost on you if the state of your clothes is anything to go by.”




“That's- I- You're... you're rude!” The stranger's left eyebrow lifted a tiny bit, foiling Harry's frustration even more.


Yeah, maybe he was a little stinky today – So what? His girlfriend had left him three days ago, he was allowed to not shower in his free time! It was not like anybody had to put up with it except himself.


“Just stating the obvious,” he shrugged, finally hopping off of the engine bonnet. “Now open the door, it's freezing and I want to see my new home.”


New Home? He blinked and the stranger tilted his head curiously as if he was confused about Harry's confusion which was confusing in and of itself if it wasn't for the incredibly earnest look in those steel-blue eyes. Harry felt like he had been deprived of some kind of vital information.


“Home,” he repeated and knitted his eyebrows, standing as still as a statue. “Your home.”


The stranger scrunched up his nose as if disgusted whereas his general expression seemed almost as if he was in pain.


“I am Sean,” he stated with such confidence as if it would explain everything. Harry blinked again. “Your brother called you three days ago and announced me. Since you weren't at home I guessed I could just wait 'till you come back. Now you're here. So let us get in.”


It was only then that Harry noticed the suitcase standing innocently next to, er, Sean. Well, to that guy's credit, his brother did call him that day. Unluckily it had been the very same day of his girlfriend's department, so he had been drunk as hell as he answered the phone and probably agreed to something very stupid without even registering what was being said.


Damn his ex-girlfriend.


“Right,” he finally said and pulled the keys out of his worn sweatpants to open the front door. They were surrounded by complete silence as they entered the small rent house and Harry pulled off his sneakers. He could feel the disgust radiating from Sean as he took in the trash covered living room, cautiously pushing a pizza box out of the way with the tips of his shiny leather boots.


“Sam said you were somewhat tidy,” he snorted and turned around to meet Harry's embarrassed gaze. “Seems like he tricked me.”


Pushing his wounded dignity aside, Harry finally managed to find enough courage to cross his arms in front of his chest and to pull out his most intimidating voice as he asked the one big question that was bugging him at the moment: “What are you doing here?”


Again that scrunched up nose, however, it was followed by a flicker of understanding. “You really don't have a clue, don't you.” It wasn't a question. “My boyfriend threw me out of our-" He paused,"-of his apartment. Your brother told me I could stay with you for a while and help you pay the rent after your girlfriend walked out on you. He said you agreed to it.”


Oh. Things started to make sense now. “I was drunk,” he admitted with a low voice, scratching the back of his head awkwardly. “When my brother called me. I was drunk.”


Sean's eyebrow was raised a little bit higher, almost disappearing behind his curly bangs. He had the faint suspicion that he had already guessed that somehow.


“Explains why you were staring at me as if I was a talking wolf,” he said dryly and sat down on the couch to finally take off his boots. Harry would be mad if the floor wasn't ruined already.


“If you're going to live here,” He made sure to emphasize the 'if' in that sentence. “I can guarantee you that a 'talking wolf' is going to be the least of your concerns.”


Actually, he was pretty sure that a chatting animal would be far more disturbing than living with him, but hell if that guy had to know.


“Yeah, I guessed that by now,” Sean chuckled and leaned back on the couch, propping his sock-clad feet on the low coffee table in front of him. ”You seem like the most insufferable person I have ever met until now. It's not every day that I meet a thirty-something guy provided the IQ of a pre-schooler.”


“Says the guy sitting on random people's cars.”


“You kept me waiting, where else was I supposed to sit?”


“Nowhere at all.”


There was a moment in which they merely glared at each other. Harry felt like he was going to have a really, really rough time with this guy. However, he couldn't fight the little twitch on the corner of his mouth just as he was unable to ignore the faint tingle of amusement in the steel-blue pair of eyes still directed at him.


“Can I kill your brother for setting me up with you?”




“Not even a little?”


Again he couldn't quite suppress the tug of a smile on his lips as Sean's mouth cracked up into some weird kind of grin. It looked more like a flash of teeth than anything, really, but Harry didn't mind. It was then that he noticed that his bad mood had lifted just a tiny bit.


He had a feeling that he owed his (still very much annoying brother) one.

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