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Sometimes when we feel we should have things far from us, we stretch our arms to grab them and in course of doing so, we lose our sight, dignity and sometimes our own set principles...

She will see but won’t tell

The devil luring her into the fire

She will hear but won’t listen

To the calling voice of the redeemer

She will be told, but wont reform

Because all she is, is a dreamer



It was one of those things that in, had both pleasures and miseries in plenty. It is that that you can’t tell what it will give you if you haven’t gotten in it. And you who knocks on its door with your simple childish heart, you will get in with no difficulty. This sometimes I address it as a ring in where only the strong boxer can survive: the entering might be at ease, but the coming out, you may not escape the wounds. Okay! That the value of it.

Today young people have given it different names but that, haven’t made it change its way of reactions especially towards young hearts on their first taste of it. So the best way to address it is “LOVE” changing its name won’t make it sympathetic or make it as shiny as silver when inside it is bronze or will it ever cease to disappoint young girls like Melinda who thought that being in love was what it meant to live her life fully and sensibly?

It was a great evening with total calmness. The sweet evening sunlight struck at high school roofs with admirable easefulness. The simple evening winds shook the luxuriant trees and the whole thing seemed cool for those who had a chance to have their sweeties seated near by them. They might have felt more flavor of companionship that day than on any other day they had had. Lads told their sweeties how unique and cute they were, in appreciation, their sweeties told them how they would never desert them whatever will come. This was the true likeness of high school love relationships. For a lad whose heart had never been dirtied by the young girls’ false promises, it would do, and for he whose brain was the master of his heart, it would extremely do. 


In front of the white painted building, sat a couple of young lovers engaged  in emotional talks, and inside this building which looked like an entertainment hall, sat a young girl of seventeen with her face bent down upon her books .

She kept her face that way accept when she felt the talks outside provoking her heart, of course when she felt lost in  loneliness, she quickly stood on her high heeled shoes and slightly opened the window to have just A TASTE OF THEIR STORIES. These were not new stories to her, these were stories she had heard and liked but never had she got satisfied of them. In the course of the stories she had been engaged in with her lads, she had lied and been lied to, she had promised and been promised. Now these young boys and girls were installing memories she had decided to keep at her back into her heart again. The only thing that had proved difficult to erase from his head was now gone: Her son whom she had delivered at the age of sixteen had died two months ago. This had been the only reminder of his fruitless relationship with his young man who had rejected his fatherly responsibilities.  He had told the police officers that there never was a single moment in his life when he had said “I love you” to her, so whenever that statement of his former boyfriend clicked into her small head, it inserted in some weights of reasoning . But then, what could she do in such a provocative environment where in the evenings a young man and young women closely sat on a bench to either explore the feelings they had towards each other or lure people like her who had made up their minds to quit the game into it again .Melinda, a girl inside the hall interested in listening to the stories of false lovers outside will never succeed in keeping her self in a distance from her past troubles. It might not be her wanting to go back to where she had come from but her stubborn minds not willing to learn from the agonies of her past-----

Near the window from where Melinda sat, a couple of young lovers sat outside, They were just young enough to pour all their minds and souls into this business, in other wards, they were not old enough to limit their tongues even at the time when it required them to do, and the young eighteen year-old teenager listened to everything they said to each other. She wasn’t old enough to endure the temptation, she was just in ages when one is bitten by a snake today, cannot fear a lizard tomorrow, She felt her heart melting inside her chest, she pushed her hands into her small bag in the desk and picked out a small mirror, she examined her face and pushed her curl hair back to forge the look of popular Beyonce, when she was done with the face and the hair, she came to her nails, They needed  no much examination, for they where fine enough not to spend much time on.  Now what did other girls have that she didn’t have? Accept that for she had been fated. Having fallen into a trouble of delivering a baby at the age of fifteen, didn’t have anything to do with her beauty or her personality, after all the baby is  dead and she is back to school, nothing to bother her personal hygiene or girlish beauty. She was engaged in a long monologue where everything about her past bad experiences seemed solved, “for past must be past, a clock is designed in the way that it can never at any time click anti-clock wise, why should it be me to file that senseless history, not all snakes are poisonous as it is not all white dressed figures are angles.” She stood on her heels again peeped through the window and caught them well.

“haaa...there they are” She whispered to herself. She might have wanted to have someone seated close to her but she had destroyed her name and dignity when she accepted to be a mother at the age of fifteen, “who can dare to go for that exhausted babe, who can dare to bench such on old woman there” boys used to say whenever she sat lonely trying to forge the sprit of reading. Her, her self would some times feel guilty of her own carelessness but in the faces of the young people of her age, she claimed that there are people perched on by fate

Six month later, she was now someone you could never tell that she had once had a baby in her life. She was beautiful enough to portray the current trend; her hair was short, her figure had regained its earlier elegance form of which we say that someone is at the zenith of one’s beauty.

There with her queenly majestic figure, she one day stood in front of the hall examining herself with extreme attention. She could tell how far she had come, of course, she had now come to be a person whom no man would pass by without throwing admiring glance and that’s what it means to be beautiful

“Now it won’t be a school boy or any of those lads who think love is just a game for liars.” She said to herself .It was at this time that a wise once bitten by a snake had to think a thousand times before offering foolishness or wisdom a place in his heart but she looked someone who respected and trusted her minds than her heart.

“Troooo’the phone vibrated in her hands she looked at the screen with much interest. There wasn’t neither the number nor the name of the caller, but someone was calling. She hesitated in consulting her heart, whether to receive or ignore. She then moved her finger and clicked the receiving button.

“Hello! Who is this I’m talking to?” She asked.

“The one whom you seem so dear to”

“And what name, shall I call him eh”

“He may need no name, but mercy from you”

“And can one offer mercy to anonymous people like him”

“Yah, if she knows all that he has got for her”

She paused as if she was going to be wise and dodge the temptation but then, she had that devil that had always collected her minds about troubles, It had always denied her a chance to escape girls’ temptations. She put the phone on the table for a moment and re-picked it, the caller had not surrendered

“You said he has got something for me?” she asked the caller

“Everything indeed” the caller answered confidently

This was where Melinda’s weakness had always been, with the word “everything” she was sure that she would have her life changed. With everything, she would be able to counterfeit Rihana’s look, she would go shopping and on Sabbath day when going to Nyamitanga cathedral, young girls of her age would say “Tyra Banks”

Listening to her attentively, the caller started studying and examining her tone. To him, It looked like this girl’s life was much rooted into luxury and fame, and should it be true, she isn’t a girl to escape her troubles. There wasn’t going to be time when her cheeks would be dry. The caller paused in the wise silence as Melinda exhibited her traits.

“I think this is not the right way to do this” She said and continued “I would wish to see which mouth is that, that produces such charming words, I never was a girl  with eager to be in the faces of men but this, I can’t help it” her voice went low but maintained it’s charming tone.

“Mr. enormous, won’t you do something? Phones can’t do”

“As you have asked it, it shall be,” Said the caller arrogantly “In the front of Pelkan hotel at 3:00 PM on Tuesday, I will stand waiting”

“And from the East Bananuka road,I will come”


After four days

At the entrance of elegant Pelkan hotel, a middle-aged man stood waiting, he wore a grey Italian suits that matched his black slim tie and long pointed shoes, and he kept his eyes on his shinny precious watch as if he had just bought it.

By looking at him from the top to the bottom, he was real symbol of what many of us call civilization but the critic can ask a question, “Why should such a good looking man look stupid in the course of waiting for a seventeen year- old girl? Why should he keep standing like a statue that had been placed there to beautify the places? Why shouldn’t he value himself?

The man kept on giving his watch a glance after another until few minutes passed the hour of 3:


Of Course when the agreed time passed, the man became quite bold less, and you who might have been somewhere near starring at his face might have asked your self “Could this gentleman have lost his important papers, received a heart breaking telephone call?”

The precious watch on his hand was now no more something to busy his eyes; His eyes were now in the East on Bananuka road.

When a white brand-new Ford car came on controlled speed from the east, a smile swept on his face,

He pushed his hand into his pocket and picked out a hanky, he passed it on his face. He might have done so either to remove the sweat or furiousness.

The  Car parked two yards from where the man was standing, It’s  door were opened after a three minute pause, The man tried his best to hide his excitement as Melinda’s  feet stepped down. Could this have been  the nature of a very civilized and modernized man, little or no respect for young Melinda or nature of the man himself ?If so then, why had he made a fool of himself by standing in such an open place waiting as if a statue?

Melinda stood majestically besides the Car and the man who hard tried his best to drive her like a bride passed his hand through the door to receive his pay. There was one common thing Melinda knew and had known ever since she had started hanging out with men: a civilized man doesn’t need to be told to foot woman’s bills whom he has called for a dinner. That’s the way of purchasing respect and manhood. The middle-aged man smiled in the sign of willing to pay the transport bills. He pushed his hand into his pocket, which he pulled out again with a fifty thousand note.

“Sir” he said to the driver “Have it”

Melinda felt above the sun as the man held her by hand into the beautiful hotel .This was not a hotel for people like Melinda but her short sightedness had bought her a ticket in.

After four months, Melinda hadn’t realized the matter, she was still in the shadow of ignorance until she met her child hood friend whom they haven’t been in contact for a couple of years Veronica was a girl of her typical Intelligence, though seeming out of modernization, she had a unique understanding of life, and on a cool evening of incident meeting with an old friend, Melinda, she tried to thrust it upon her,

  “Here, fate has brought you” Melinda said laughing

Oh dear Linda you ‘re really someone visited by fate” said Veronica, not knowing her friend’s life story, veronica praised Linda’s beauty with a great admiration. She was right in the way that was comprehendible. When fate scatters friends some find joy others miseries if so then, how could she have doubted about Linda’s successful looking, after all Linda had earlier been a child with good health ,a child with special art in selecting matching ward rope.

Sometimes we find joy after a short pause “Melinda said as she tried to push one side of it on the table.

“I believe you are one of those that have lived life without punctuations,” Veronica said admiringly.

“That you can say, but no book can swallow my story, how many pages can it be? It wasn’t until I found this man whom my load has been swallowed that you can meet me and say “this is my friend Linda.”

Veronica had some thing to say but she was that girl careful with her words. Once she decided to say some thing, she made sure it had an effect, in being of that nature; she always paused before she spoke. In a simplified description, she was too old for her age and too calm for her generation. As if stabbed with a dagger in her chest, she kept her eyes at Melinda’s face, even when Melinda shook it aside her eyes remained unmoved. She was half dead but Melinda touched her by shoulder. She felt her senses coming back to her and in resurrection, she said “Melinda why do you kill me with your lies?” and Melinda looked at her shyly.

“A lie from a friend is never a lie, I never was a single moment a liar believe me I had become some thing to be laughed at”

 “And now you are some thing to admire?” Veronica inquired sneeringly.

“Not something any one can admire, but now I have what it takes to be a girl” cried Melinda.

“Because your man said so” teased Veronica. If there was a language meant to spoil the dialogue, Veronica was now starting to speak it. From childhood she never sympathized with what she thought was no sense and her strong principles had denied her friends but again it had won her friends. That was life.

“Tell it to me dear Linda, am here for you, believe me we can pull it out together.”

Melinda paused in what many of us can term as hesitation; she had only one way out of it: if she could walk away from her or tell her friend Veronica to keep her nose out of it, that would do.

However, this wouldn’t be away for such a civilized girl like Melinda how could she dare to bark at her friend whom they had earlier shared a thousand secrets. She trusted her she loved her now she was willing to hear from her.

“Vero, what would you have done if a good looking but a married man devoted him self to you?,

“I would first measure how far his devotion can take me” Veronica answered quickly and inquired, “You have a  of such kind?”

No dear”. 

“You feel you should have him?”.

 “No, still but you see, Vero, am a girl who can’t avoid that even when I wanted to, my life have been troubled many times and what is left of me is hopelessness I had decided not give my ears to any man, but they always catch up with me, “she looked at Veronica in the face, she was listening with extreme attention.

“I can’t help it Vero, iam weak when it comes to keeping my decisions upright. Veronica took a deep breath, she had her across her sympathetic eyes, she felt her earlier mutual attachment with Linda filling her heart with love, she had something to do about it and she was ready to offer it to such a friend. Though she hadn’t listened to the whole plot of Linda’s suffering, pleasures with her hypo critic man, she had that knowledge of joining confusing facts and come out with a presentable resolution.

“Linda”, she called her in a tenor voice, you need me and you will always do” she looked around, every body was tight on his or her own business and Vero liked the atmosphere of the streets, she then turned her attention back to Linda. “I’m sorry dear to seem offending you, “she apologized,” You are being used like a hunting dog which when after thraughtering is denied a big share”.

 “You are committed to a man whose love feelings have been exhausted” she frightened.  She tightened her face to amplify her emphasis. “Why should such a young girl be charmed by such a poisonous tongue”.

For all this time, Melinda kept her mouth shut, her eyes half closed and her ears attentive.

She felt Vero’s words penetrating into her stubborn heart. She felt the injuries of her past and she felt lost in a mess, indeed, she had lost the way and she wasn’t going to tell that she wasn’t on the right track if God had not arranged this meeting.

Veronica sized Linda’s face with her dying eyes. Her eyes had always been like that when giving that sort of counseling to a fellow girl, she knew what to be in love  meant, but this, “It wasn’t love” she whispered to herself . What could it have been, “A new toy in a child’s  hands” she turned her eyes away from the puzzled Melinda, for a moment, she brought them back to her and said, “Dear Linda, the man doesn’t’ love you, when he needs you, you are there, when you will need him, you will not trace him?”

Melinda searched for something in her small purse, it was cloth- like folded many times, passed it on her watery cheeks, and kept it a gain

“I Know the trick that can fix things”, Veronica continued “ I know it will do if you have done it with him” she  zoomed her eyes in all direction to see if there was any body listening .There wasn’t even an insect near by, so she resumed “you know men are bees, they want to suck every beautiful flower and when nectar gets finished, they fly off”.

“Vero” Interrupted Melinda, “It’s getting dark, let’s have it shortened”

“Its getting dark, alright, but I see darkness in what you are in more dangerous than this one you’re worried of”. Said Veronica mockingly.

Melinda had always disliked such sensitive criticisms though she knew it well, that they had the ability to help her change her life. She looked at Vero disappointedly and she might have caught something in her eyes, mockery. “

“Listen, Melinda, trust me I know where men’s weakness are, love can’t be measured by those simple materials he offers you neither can it be by those gentle praises and comments he makes at you. There is something more weighing than all those”.  She kept on going about it as if she was worried that it might hatch out a friction she then coughed twice to clear the pass of what she thought was the most touching.  “Tell him that you have his blood inside your stomach, I know its one of those reports that sweeps off smiles from such men’s faces. Lie to him, it’s just a trick”, Vero said convincingly not knowing that even if she took her advice, it wouldn’t be a lie and it would be a fruitless trick. Melinda had one time visited a mid-wife personnel and he had told her that some one was gradually but normally growing inside her womb.

Having been troubled and betrayed at fifteen, she had had her feelings diverted from the normal humans, she was now some one to think of ending her life incase any of the signal of taking her back to what she had faced during the course of pregnancy, she had now bought her rope and kept it under his bed so that when her man at any time started to behave like her former, do what she thought was the needful.

The two girls stood staring at each like statues of the great Roman emperors and finally ,with tears forcing their way out of her eyes, Melinda said “I wouldn’t have lied to him if i do so, I have been thinking of letting him know of it all”.

“What? Veronica cried do you have it or you think you might be having it”

“I have it Vero, and I can’t remove it, I’m afraid it may take away my life”,

 Veronica seemed so disappointed and un satisfied, she felt so empty she knew she had wasted her time, she bent her head filled with puzzling rhetoric questions, when she lifted it up again, she had an inquiry”.

“Have you told him any part of it?

“He knows a fraction of it. “What is that fraction that he knows?”. “

“He knows that I have it but I don’t think he knows what it involves, I don’t think he is aware of my need for him with it”.

“That’s them, I was trying to save the life of the dead”, Veronica said carelessly, I’m sorry for the language but you are too far for my short arm to reach.  All I can offer now is courage, go hard into it, you have no where to divert to, go hard…..”. Vero spoke in an emotional tone that could scare you and even make you think I wasn’t created like other girls to such a young girl; it would be enough to keep her minds in thinking of ending it all. By keeping her eyes at her face, Veronica read her minds and her feelings deeply injuring her heart and then said “you think you’re the most fated but I see a luckier person in you”.  She forged a smile to create an atmosphere of happiness and then continued. “Believe me, many girls have lost their lives in this young girl- middle aged men stuff but for you’re still alive”.

For all of this time of mutual dialogue, Melinda’s head had worked upon all her past episodes trying to review all her past mistakes but veronica had kept on interrupting her at any time she saw her drowning in despair. “For a girl trying to chase her fortunes, it has never been easy. You might be feeling sad about being betrayed by men many times but out there, there must be a girl who is looking for at least a man to betray her so that they say she once dated a man but things didn’t work”.

Veronica looked her in the face, then down on her feet, they weren’t shaking, she had now gained courage, she might have thought herself somehow luckier than many.  “I once left home for school very sad because my dad had refused to buy for me a trendy pair of shoes claiming he didn’t have dime, it hurt my small minds but after a week had passed, at school, a stylish posh ride brought a girl with no feet. Do you know, some women would rather have beasts growing inside their womb rather than living a barren life forever. So that people may say “we once saw her struggling with her weight and thought may be she was pregnant”. That way goes the game.


A novel about young people was never absent on Melinda’s table, some of these teenage writings contained parables that were against materialism and carelessness, now it shouldn’t surprise you if a certain  fellow addressed her as a bewitched one. Why should such good reader go blindly?

Five months had passed and she now had confirmed it that a baby was soon to be born but there were worries that never ceased during her days of pregnancy. The baby needed clothes, food, medicine or even education and in the midst of her sleepless night, she had sat on her bed crying, crying about her man who had praised her beauty, taken her to expensive places she had never even dreamed of and now some one with satellite can’t trace him. Truly, it was painful, painful to such a young girl whose heart had been soaked in false love.

On twenty fifth of September, the rainy clouds wondered in the sky before the sun penetrated though them with never felt hotness and on side of the road that was among those with few pedestrians, a young girl stood anxiously waiting. She might have been waiting for the silence of the road, which could never come in the time she wanted it to come, so she patiently waited while a few days born baby carried in her hands. It wasn’t wrong to think the baby wasn’t hers neither was it to think the baby was crying because it was hungry. The baby cried unceasingly until an old woman who looked to be an aimless traveler rushed on the scene and said “the baby needs breasts do you hear me! The baby is hungry!  She had come on hearing the dying voice of the baby, Once Melinda saw her back fading away following her path that diverted from the main road,  she pulled her breast from her baby mouth, laid a white sheet of cloth on the grass and made the baby to sleep there. She tried to swallow the pity of a mother deserting what came out of her womb and it worked under the condition that she had nothing to do about it. She closed her eyes and the baby started crying.

“No mother ever wanted to see what has come out of her womb dying helplessly, but this is what I have to do, I have to leave you in the hands of the world, I know some body who knows the agony of pushing such a precious thing out of a woman’s womb will come on your rescue baby. The only thing I can leave you is a name let the world call you “Moses”. Little Moses, I leave you in the hands of the enemies, friends beasts of this wildness but I know that that who is above will never desert you”.

The desperate girl said a shot prayer to her baby before she took few steps to go, when she had taken five steps, she looked back to see if the baby was crying, she felt guilty of her self, she felt cursed but never did she feel strong enough to go back and pick her baby though she knew that a good Samaritan might come after it had been eaten by the wild beasts, she paused and stood facing her baby “I love you but never shall I forgive your father. May you grow out of nothing to something, I know death is waiting for me somewhere but I see you walking from no where to some where”  and then her back faded into foggy streets that inter crossed the road along which she had left a crying baby….

Submitted: January 09, 2012

© Copyright 2021 tburg. All rights reserved.

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