Cattle Class Lessons

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Simple observations

Submitted: January 11, 2012

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Submitted: January 11, 2012




Cattle Class Lessons


We have two men with contrasting approaches

The sort of thing that defy Life Coaches

First, we have Tim, who is ever so slim

He doesn't need a gym to keep himself in trim

He dashes from here to get over there

Never has time to look and stare

Another deal to be struck, i'm on the next plane

Ducking and diving to get in the right lane

Quickly, quickly, the gate is almost closing

I've still money to get while these idiots are dozing

Now we see John, who tends to amble along

He thought of rushing once but knew it was wrong

With boarding card in hand and the gate not yet showing

Attracted he is, to the bar sign that is glowing

A drink, some food and a paper to read

This caters well for his simple need

Slowly he walks while glancing to the shops

He has time to make a few stops

Together they arrive to board the flight

One very fraught and one quite alright


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