Futility (No Contest)

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Simple observations

Submitted: December 23, 2011

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Submitted: December 23, 2011






Mankind is obsessed with power and superiority

All of this driven by the minority

The exploration of space

Was always going to be a race

From the first strike to light a fire

The inevitability has been dire

Wheels, guns and lights

Have all lead to fights

Sex, religion and politics

Have been the domains of the lunatics

Faster, taller and stronger

It just goes on longer and longer

Computers, electronics and medications

Is there a need for such complications?

Atomic bombs and nuclear plants

Under the banner of 'necessary' chants

Amidst all of this, our resources are ravaged

But beware the hunter, you may be savaged

Because every so often and in a definitive way

Another shows us that we may still pay

With contemptuous ease she wreaks devastation

On anything from man's creation

For nature unleashes and shows her severity

As if to scoff at mankind's futility


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