I Never (Did)

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Submitted: December 15, 2011

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Submitted: December 15, 2011




I Never


I never said to my mum “i love you”

I never took my mum out for a meal

I don't think she would have liked it

She felt awkward in places like that

Why spend good money, when you can eat better at home

Her sanctuary was our home

She made miracles amidst misery

She worked her fingers to the bone

But she was not one to whinge and moan

Her suffering was long and hard to bare

Make a fuss, we would never dare

She left us too early but probably not too soon

5 feet nothing and as light as a feather

But if you crossed her, you were in stormy weather

Reading was ok but she struggled to write

To her, it was just part of the continuous fight

She wasn't one for hugs and cuddles with us

But her grandchildren got plenty of fuss

She lost a leg and fought cancer as well

But show her sympathy and she'd say 'go to hell'

I wrote it in cards and on presents of course

“Lots of Love from” with kisses in an upside down triangular form

That tended to be my norm

She knew it of course, no words were required

So in spite of what some may think or say

Be in no doubt mum, let me make it clear

I never did say it but

I love you! X


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