Language Is a Peculiar Thing

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Submitted: December 18, 2011

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Submitted: December 18, 2011




Language Is A Peculiar Thing


Language can be a peculiar thing

Used correctly, delight it can bring

Diction young man, you never get right

It goes to prove, you are not very bright

When I was young, the three R's were the mantra

Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic, nothing extra

Today, they favour phonics and the like

Is it a kin to riding a bike?

Let's start with the obvious, English I suppose

Many a person has contributed prose

English, upon examination is not so clear

With Latin, Greek, Norman and Germanic inflections

Not quite as straight forward as I thought, oh dear

This language suffers from multiple infections

We have nouns, adjectives and vowels too

Singular, plural and abbreviations to ponder

This only covers barely a few

Punctuation and spelling are part of the wonder

The users are many and of various types

From the young to the old and all in between

School children, teachers, doctors and playwrights

Lawyers, politicians and song writers can be seen

Then as things develop, we get more changes

Through popular mediums of ever growing ranges

With the computer, mobile phone and digital age

We get texting and tweeting becoming the rage

But the old school persists in it's inevitable way

As ministers, judges and consultants would say

Yes can mean no and no can mean yes

They live in a world where they like us to guess

Because they control the wrong from the right

The masses are left with a never ending fight

Do we know what the future will bring?

Because language really is a peculiar thing

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