The Last 5 Minutes

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Submitted: January 08, 2012

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Submitted: January 08, 2012




The Last 5 Minutes


It was a miserable wet day at the end of a miserable wet week

We approached the last 5 minutes with one need

A try was our only option and time was running out

The ball was thrown in from the line

The goliath's rose into the air arms outstretched

The ball was secured as the mass of flesh thundered to the ground

A mass of beast was formed, their hips down

They pulled and pushed simultaneously

Grunts and groans in unison on both sides

Some ground was made but time was running down

Then the mud covered ball appeared at the back foot

Our little gladiator steadied his hand and looked around

He faked one way, then switched the other

Unloading the prize to his powerful colleague

Who strained at his best speed to make more ground

Then he was met with incredible force, not once but twice

Against the odds, he turned around and presented the prize again

The little gladiator was there again, supported by his heaving goliath's

He picks up, swivels and releases to the short side

The wing heads in and makes a few more yards and unloads

The flanker collects and crashes through the first line

Again, it pops to the little man and he switches again

This time to the big man, he slips the first tackle, then

With multiple arms around him, he heaves forward and twists

Somehow he releases to hand and momentum continues

This time the lock takes it on, thumping as he goes

Down he is taken by the opposing numbers but

It's still with us and we move for space

Every yard seems like a mile, man against man and nature

Then we reverse, a slip and a swerve, a gap appears

Daylight amidst the dark sky and lurching bodies

He looks left, then right, two men charging towards him

A step to the side and a huge effort to fling the prize wide

The fullback reaches, a miracle catch to be sure

The line is sight, only one option now

Every last gasp or air and strength is expelled

Then from the side, a hand grabs the side of his shirt

He stretches as their bodies twist to the ground

The prize is over the line, or is it?

The flag is dis-lodged and their bodies slip off to the side

We look, wait, what is the decision?

The last 5 minutes have shown us everything


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