The Bridge Made Of Bone

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When I lost my dog I was inspired to write this..

Submitted: August 29, 2012

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Submitted: August 29, 2012



The Bridge Made of Bone




I believe that God puts dogs in our lives for a reason.  I believe that we are chosen by them, not the other way around.  If you don’t own a dog, you could never understand what being truly loved and respected is all about.  Sure you have family, friends, and co-workers and they all in their own way love you and care for you.  BUT if you asked anyone of them to stay home alone all day and wait for you, would they?  If they did, would they greet you every day as if it was the best day of their lives?  Would they not leave your side when you’re sick, not even to eat or drink?  Would they stay awake all night, every night of their lives, to protect your loved ones while you sleep?


Dogs are a gift from God, given to you to help you see that respect, loyalty, obedience, patience, and LOVE are all that are required to be one of his children.  We need to only look into our dogs’ eyes and see his soul; he will let you if you take the time.  It’s why they’re here, giving you what you need every day, and asking little in return.  So take the time while you have your dog and let him know you understand him.  Reassure him his message is clear.  Never pass the chance to show him you care with a little treat or a ride in the ole truck.  Dogs don’t expect this, but it means the world to them when they get it.


When the day comes that he must go, understand that it is not his wish.  He will remain loyal to you.  He will wake up from his sleep in a field with the sun on his face.  If he was old and his strength had gone, he will be strong.  If his sight was gone, he will see.  His sense of smell and hearing will be invigorated.  He will have lots of playmates to run with and bones to chew.  He will be able to do all the things he has ever done.


What he will not have, is you!  But as he has always done, he will wait.  He will continue to look across that field everyday, as he plays with his pals, always keeping his faith, love, loyalty in check, never doubting, never fearful, just patient, as he has always been.


Then the day comes when he gets that whiff, his legs start to tremble, his heart races faster than ever before, his tail wags with the force of a propeller.  All the other dogs part a way for him to see.  And there you are walking into his field.  He runs with all his might to you, his tongue flapping in the wind, his lungs producing air enough to fly, and with one huge leap he is on you, pinning you to the ground to give you the love he has waited to give to you. It’s then that you both can walk through that field of long grass and sunshine to the bridge made of bone.  With your loyal, loving, patient friend by your side, you both walk over the bridge made of bone to spend eternity together, and he would have it no other way...  


-Tim Crowley (2012)



In loving memory of Jarrett


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