Frightening Dawn

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Just a 10 minute piece I worked on for a class once. My first published piece on here, would appreciate feedback.

Submitted: March 06, 2013

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Submitted: March 06, 2013









The kitchen in the back of a bar in Manhattan.



[Kevin a 40-year-old stockbroker is being chased by the walking dead they want to eat him, and he doesn’t know why. He leaves his office in the financial district only to discover that the world has turned into chaos.]


KEVIN: What the hell is going on?


[Kevin looks all around him and sees people fleeing and screaming, he spots one of the creatures devouring a man’s torso and Kevin almost vomits. All of a sudden he sees one of the things coming after him he starts to run away but trips off the curb. Laying there waiting to be turned into someone’s lunch he turns to the right and sees a shotgun next to a dead police officer. The creature lunges and so does Kevin, BOOM the creature falls to the ground.]


KEVIN: Holy shit! I can’t believe I just did that. [He falls to the ground] Alright I have to keep moving I can’t stay here.


[Kevin starts running his mind racing with every step he takes, thinking about how the world got to this exact moment. During that moment only one thing eased his mind, the thought of that bartender Megan who he had met a few weeks ago and who he had been seeing every Friday at Barney’s pub for happy hour. He thought to himself that he would never see that girl again.]


KEVIN: I have to go see if she’s ok, it’s the only way I’ll know for sure. I can’t believe I’m doing this.

[Kevin starts running to Barney’s pub and luckily makes it there without any further trouble from his cannibalistic tormentors. He knocks on the door.]


KEVIN: Megan are you in there? [A gun shot goes off] Megan! It’s me, Kevin!


MEGAN: Kevin?


 [The door opens and there stands Megan a 32-year-old bartender holding a pistol in her right hand. Dead bodies on the floor covering the floor of the bar.]


KEVIN: What happened? It’s a massacre here.


MEGAN: A few of them were regulars here, the rest flooded the door and I had to put them down, I saw what they were doing to people out there. What the hell is going on?


KEVIN: I don’t know I’m just as confused as you are.


[All of a sudden 3 of the cannibals came through the entrance.]


KEVIN: Oh crap! [The visitors surprise him and Kevin falls backward onto a bar stool and cracks it, a piece of wood stabs him in his right leg.] AHHH!!!


MEGAN: Hold on I got you! [Megan shoots three of the creatures in the head and they go down hard but more are starting to make their way through the entrance. She drags Kevin by his armpits and brings him to the back in the kitchen and closes the door, once back there she slides a table to make sure those things cant get in.]


[Pounding coming from the gray double doors of the kitchen entrance, a table pushed up against them. Kevin and Megan leaning against the far wall, Megan bandaging up Kevin’s right leg from an injury.]


MEGAN: It’s ok, don’t worry I’ll get it out.


[Kevin writhing in pain, a plank of wood protruding from his right leg and blood gushing from the wound Megan tries her best to pull the plank from his leg.]


MEGAN: Ok, I’m going to pull it from your leg, you can’t move around with this thing sticking out from you.


KEVIN: No no no no wait wait… ugh ok I’m ready.


[Megan grips the plank with both hands and tugs hard; the plank rips upward with a powerful force blood dripping from the end of the splinters.]


KEVIN; Aah!! God damn it!


MEGAN: I know, I know but it’s out now. Everything’s going to be ok.


[Megan takes Kevin’s suit jacket and tears off a piece of fabric to make a bandage for his leg. She wraps the fabric around his right leg and pulls tight so that there would be no more loss of blood.]


KEVIN: Thank you, I thought I was a goner back there. Those things came at us so fast; I didn’t think I was going to get out of there alive. I owe you my life.


MEGAN: Don’t worry about it; I couldn’t just leave you there. What are these things?


KEVIN: I don’t know, but they were eating everything that got in their way. It was horrible out there Megan it really was. Before I found you the area around my job was being overrun with these things. Running through the streets seemed like it was a goddamn marathon… no end in sight. Luckily these things aren’t very quick, but they are intimidating when in large numbers. By the way where did you get that gun?


MEGAN: I always carry it around don’t leave home without it and I know, but at least we both made it here alive. We should fortify the doors better make sure that nothing will get through and that it’s reinforced properly.


KEVIN: That’s a good idea. Once we reinforce the doors we can wait here until night comes and see if we can sneak out of here.


[He grabs the side of a counter and slowly pulls himself upward grunting with difficulty until he finally stands and puts pressure on his right leg.]


MEGAN: You ok?


KEVIN: Yeah I’ll be fine just need to get used to it. Let’s see what we can use to help support the table.


MEGAN: Wait I got it, the bar was remodeled two years ago they wanted a more open feeling so they ditched some of the benches and put in some tables and they never got rid of the old benches. They should be somewhere in the back storage room, we could use a couple of them and slide them against the door too.


KEVIN: That’s perfect, where’s the storage room?


MEGAN: This way.


[They make their way to the back right corner of the bar to a white paint chipped door. They try to open the door but it is locked and is not budging no matter how much force they put into it.]


KEVIN: This isn’t working; do you know where the keys are?


MEGAN: Yeah but there’s no way we can get to it.


KEVIN: Why not?


MEGAN: Because they’re hanging on a hook that’s behind the bar where all the liquor is, and I don’t know about you but I’m not about to rush out and face a whole bunch of cannibalistic humans who want nothing more than to feast on me.


KEVIN: There’s got to be a way, the table isn’t going to hold and we need those benches. We have to find a way to get those keys. Are there any other ways we can get into the bar besides the front and the back?


MEGAN: There is a side entrance that leads to an alley on the far side of the bar that’s used for deliveries.


KEVIN: Would the entrance be open?


MEGAN: Yeah we just got a delivery early this morning.


KEVIN: Ok we have to go check and see if the alleyway is clear, get your gun ready.


[They both move towards the back of the bar and get prepared to move into the alley. Kevin opens the door and peers through the crack while Megan has her pistol at the ready.]


KEVIN: The coast is clear let’s go, we have to be very quiet and move quickly.


MEGAN: I’m right behind you.


[They move behind the bar with their backs to one another so that both can keep a good eye on each direction. They approach the corner where the side alley is located and put themselves against the wall. Kevin peers around the corner slowly and sees two figures in the distance.]


KEVIN: There’s two of them down there.


MEGAN: What are we going to do?


KEVIN: Well I don’t want to get any more attention plus I want to save our ammo so shooting them is out. Maybe if we’re really quiet we can sneak behind them without them noticing, they don’t seem to have their attention down the alley.


[Both Kevin and Megan creep carefully and slowly against the wall hoping that their two guests wont see them. As they get closer they hear the sound of heavy breathing and gross saliva filled grunts coming from the two undead persons. Kevin moves to the farther side of the door while Megan slowly puts her hand on the knob and turns it to open the door. Megan opens the door slowly and crouch walks inside and hides behind one of the booths in the bar, Kevin follows behind her closing the door behind him and does the same.]


KEVIN: Ok where are the keys?


[Megan points to the keys located on a hook on the far wall of the bar right next to a bottle of Jack Daniels. Kevin and Megan peer over the bar and survey the obstacle that they both are about to attempt to overcome. They see a group of these things pushing against the kitchen doors where they both were just moments ago, tables are overturned, glass shards on the ground, and the sight of dead bodies on the floor unrecognizable to anyone.]


MEGAN: There are a lot of them in here with us, I didn’t realize there were so many.


KEVIN: I know me either we definitely need to sneak around these guys. We don’t nearly have enough ammo to take all of them on. Alright wait here and keep an eye out I’ll go and…


MEGAN: No I’ll go, you keep an eye out, no offense but I don’t think you’re in any condition to move quickly with that bum leg of yours at the moment.


KEVIN: [Hesitatingly] Alright…but be careful


MEGAN: I will.


[She makes her way slowly to the bar creeping on the floor making sure to move carefully and without sudden movements as to not garner attention. She moves closer and closer to the bar, Kevin gun at the ready prepares to fire if necessary luckily Megan makes it behind the bar without being seen. Kevin and Megan lock eyes behind their respective covers. Megan moves towards the keys and grabs them with her left hand and brings herself down behind the bar. Kevin still keeping an eye out making sure those things don’t turn around and start swarming the bar. She starts to walk slowly back towards Kevin when all of a sudden she loses her balance on a piece of glass and knocks down a table left standing. The table falls with an audible smack against the floor and a group of the flesh eating disturbers turn and start heading straight for Megan.


KEVIN: RUN!! [He fires off a shot, which connects with the torso of one of the creatures] Keep moving! Come on!


[Megan shakes off the shock of what had just happened and begins running towards Kevin and the side door, Kevin popping off shots keeping the horde back a safe distance away from the both of them. They both run out the side door and shut it behind them only to discover that the noise they had made had gathered the attention of the creatures outside in the streets. Backs to one another the two of them firing off shots trying to make their way back to the kitchen.]


MEGAN: We can’t keep this up! We have to keep moving!


KEVIN: Alright follow me and stay close!


[3 more of the creatures swarm around them and both of them put all 3 of them down, They make their way from the side alley to the back alley where they find more of them swarming down from the main road at least 20 in count.]


KEVIN: Hurry get the door open!


MEGAN: [Tries pulling the back door open but to no avail] It’s stuck!


KEVIN: You’ve got to be kidding me! Cover me!


[Megan fires off shots and keeps some of the creatures at bay while Kevin does his best to open the back door. Kevin yanks once the door wont budge he yanks again still nothing. Megan doing her best to keep the creatures back but the swarm from both directions was becoming too much for her to handle. All of a sudden in the corner of her eye she sees one of the creatures break away from the group and life literally was put into slow motion at that moment, the creature made its way to Kevin and bit him right in the arm.]


KEVIN: AHHH!!! [Kevin screaming in pain as the creature chomped on his arm, he throws his left elbow into the creatures face knocking it backward and then fires a round splitting the creatures head open.]


MEGAN: NO!! [She screams and rushes over to Kevin] Are you alright?


KEVIN: Yeah I feel fantastic… [Grunts] we have to get this door open.


[Both of them grab and handle and yank it wide open, they hurry inside and shut the door right behind them. Megan quickly securing the door with the padlock, Kevin falls against and counter gripping his arm while the blood oozes from the jagged flesh.]


MEGAN: Oh my god…oh my god…oh my god, lay here. [She helps Kevin down to the floor] [Frantically] It’s going to be ok I’ll help you. We will just bandage you up… you’ll be fine.


KEVIN: Damn I do not have the best luck through all of this huh? [Chuckles]


[Megan chuckles nervously and then looks around for something to sanitize the wound and bandage it. She looks around the kitchen and pushes various items aside looking desperately for anything to clean the wound until she finally sees it a bottle of vodka on the far side of the room. She rushes over to Kevin and pours some of the vodka on his bite wound tears a sleeve off her shirt and applies pressure to it.]


KEVIN: AHH!! Damn it!


MEGAN: Shush. [She covers his mouth.] We can’t make too much noise.


[The sounds of heavy breathing and movement are heard outside the door as both of them do their best to keep quiet. All of a sudden they hear a rustling from behind a counter in the corner of the room.]


MEGAN: Who’s over there!? [She points her gun over to the corner] I’m not going to say it again, who’s over there!?


[A man raises his hands and slowly moves out from behind the counter.]


TIM: Hey hey hey ok don’t shoot please don’t shoot.


MEGAN: Who are you?


TIM: My name’s Tim I was running away from those…things outside when I came across the back door open in the alley. I had been trying to find a place to hide out but no one would let me in and some places were blocked off. So when I found this place I hurried inside and slammed the door shut behind me.


MEGAN: [looking towards Kevin] That would explain why it was so hard to get the door open when we were heading back. That door sticks when you shut it too hard.


KEVIN: Fantastic...


TIM: Yeah I’m sorry I heard the sounds coming from the door but I thought it was those things trying to get in, and when the door swung open I thought they had gotten in so I hid behind that counter.


[Megan with her pistol still pointed at Tim looked down at Kevin and Kevin looked back at her gave her a nod to signal to put the gun down. Megan lowers her pistol.]


TIM: [Sighs] Thank you.


MEGAN: Yeah, no problem. My names Megan and this is Kevin.


TIM: He doesn’t look so good…is he ok?


MEGAN: He’s fine.


TIM: Ok. [Pauses] So what were you guys doing out there?


MEGAN: We needed to get the keys to the storage room right there so that we can better fortify the doors leading to the bar. We got the keys but on the way back Kevin got bit as we were trying to get back into the kitchen.


TIM: Is the bite bad?


KEVIN: It’s alright I’ll be fine.


[Kevin struggling to stand but looking a little tired Megan catches him before he falls back to the ground.]


MEGAN: You need to rest, Tim and I will get the benches from the storage room and push them against the door.

KEVIN: Ok I’m just going to lay here.


MEGAN: Tim come on help me out over here.


[As Megan begins to stand up from the floor Kevin grabs her hand looks into her eyes and smiles. Megan noticing his blue eyes looks at both of their hands and smiles back. She lets go and walks toward the storage room.]


MEGAN: Ok Tim let’s do this.


[Megan opens the door to the storage room and both her and Tim drag out two benches and begin to stack them on the kitchen door.]


TIM: You realize your friend is a goner right?


MEGAN: What are you talking about? All he has is a bite on his arm.


TIM: That’s all it takes… A friend of mine got bit and he thought he was fine a few hours later he was feeling sick and just went. A few minutes later he was back up and walking around, he was one of those things.


MEGAN: No that’s not going to happen to Kevin, it’s not.


TIM: Yes it is, and we have to deal with it before he turns on us.


MEGAN: No we aren’t going to do a thing, either of us. So stay away from him.


[She walks back over to Kevin and sits down next to him as Tim looks on with a grimacing look on his face.]


KEVIN: It’s getting late we should get some sleep. We should sleep in shifts though just in case something happens.


TIM: [Eagerly] I’ll take the first one.


KEVIN: No it’s alright I got the first one.


Megan and Tim head off to sleep while Kevin sits up and listens to the silence of the night. Each break in that silence making him more aware and more nervous of the impending doom that’s trying to push through that door. Through all of it though he still is brought back to the thought he had when first running here…Megan. All of a sudden he starts to feel sick and Kevin vomits up blood.]


MEGAN: Kevin? Are you ok?


KEVIN: [Spits] Yeah I’m fine.


TIM: No he’s not. He’s starting to turn into one of them.


MEGAN: Shut up Tim…


TIM: NO! I won’t shut up I didn’t fight my way out there to find this place to have it ruined because you wont do what needs to be done.


MEGAN: [Points her pistol at him] Stay away from him. I mean it!


[All of a sudden noise started erupting from outside the back door.]


TIM: They know we are here now!


MEGAN: Here Kevin take the pistol it will be easier for you to shoot.


TIM: What about me!?


MEGAN: I don’t trust you with a weapon. Here take this [hands him a frying pan]


TIM: What the hell am I supposed to do with this?


MEGAN: You figure it out.


[The door starts breaking as the weight from the horde pushes against it.]


MEGAN: Get ready.


[The horde breaks the hinges off the door and the creatures begin to flood in through the door, gunshots go off and bodies start hitting the floor. Tim desperately trying to keep them back with the frying pan, the horde begins to grow smaller but Tim has had enough. He goes over to Kevin picks him up and attempts to throw him into the remaining creatures.]


TIM: Sorry friend but you’re already a goner.




[Megan takes the shotgun and aims it at Tim fires a shot and connects to his shoulder, Tim falls over and the walking dead start devouring his lifeless corpse, while the last of them are distracted Megan takes down the rest of them and falls to her knees.]


KEVIN: Megan?

[She sits in silence.]


KEVIN: Megan?


[He crawls over to her and puts his arm around her.]


KEVIN: It’s going to be ok. I promise it’s going to be ok


MEGAN: I killed him…


KEVIN: Sssshhh it’s ok, he was risking all of our lives by doing what he did.


MEGAN: I know you’re right I just can’t help but feel confused inside. I mean he wasn’t one of them he was fine. Just sit here with me…please?


KEVIN: I’ll sit here with you [takes her hand.]


[The two of them sit on the floor of the kitchen the sun starting to rise over the horizon. Kevin starts to speak weakly.]


KEVIN: Megan?


MEGAN: Yeah?


KEVIN: I need to tell you something, from the moment I met you on that first Friday when…


MEGAN: I know… I felt the same way when our hands touched. [Chuckles] I was excited every Friday when you came in.


KEVIN: Really?


MEGAN: Yeah.


[They both look into each others eyes intensely Kevin brushes his index finger through Megan’s brown hair moving a strand of it out of her face and they both move toward each other slowly for a kiss.]


KEVIN: I’ve been waiting a long time to do that.


MEGAN: [Smiles] Me too.


[They sit together for a while longer holding each others hand enjoying the peaceful calm of the city. Kevin coughs and checks his hand to see blood spots looking back at him.]


KEVIN: You know what you have to do.


MEGAN: What are you talking about?


KEVIN: I don’t have much longer; I’m feeling weaker every minute. We know what has to be done.


MEGAN: No don’t say that we can get help we will find someone to help you [holding back tears] I…can help you.


KEVIN: There’s not going to be enough time, I don’t want to become one of those things.


MEGAN: You can’t ask me to do that… I won’t.


KEVIN: I know…I will.


[Megan looks at Kevin with tear filled eyes overwhelmed by the information that she’s hearing and heartbroken to know that it’s right. She kisses him and then touches her forehead to his.]


MEGAN: There’s no other way?


KEVIN: Not that I can see.


MEGAN: I wish that we could have been together sooner.


KEVIN: I do too; I wish that more than anything. [Pauses] You have to go, those things are probably still out there somewhere and you need to find better shelter than this.


MEGAN: Please…don’t.


KEVIN: You have to; you have to figure out what this is. You have to beat them, but most importantly you need to survive. You have to.


[Megan looks back at Kevin tears rolling down her face, Kevin pulls her closer and kisses her.]




[Megan picks herself up and takes the shotgun with her. She begins to walk out of the kitchen but turns back to look at Kevin one last time, they both smile and look into each others eyes and then she continues down main street, she stops at the end of the road and looks out at the broken city before her so quiet and desolate. The silence of the moment is broken by a gunshot; she pauses and then continues walking down the road with the one word ringing in her mind over and over. Survive.]



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