From a dog to his master

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What would a dog say to its master if it could talk?

Submitted: March 19, 2013

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Submitted: March 19, 2013




I love you, master.

I just thought you ought to know that.

I've known you since before I could see you. Back then, I was just a little pup who couldn't see. Your hands felt so big, and I felt quite a loving warmth. I'd felt that warmth from the hands of other people, but there was a particular warmth from you that told me I was the one for you. When we next met, I could see you. I could see my mommy, my daddy, my sisters, my brothers, but most of all, I could see you. You came over every so often, and I loved it. Other people came too, but they all showed the most love for another puppy, but you showed your love most to me. Eventually, you took me away. I was upset to leave my true family, but my mommy didn't seem to worried. It's like she was used to it. But after I left them, you became my family. You showed me around your house, including your bedroom. I marked that as my territory, and you scolded me for it. I didn't  understand why back then, but I do now.

I love you, master. You give my  life purpose. Whenever you come home, I'm so happy to see you. I comfort you, keep you company, wake you up, do as you instruct me (or at least what I understand), and all I ask in return is one bowl full of food and another full of water, a place to sleep, things to chew, and a rub on the belly. Your life is so much more complicated than mine. It must be hard. And at times, I can see it is. So I come over to comfort you, and you show you appreciate that.

I know, I may not be perfect. Sometimes I bark too much, sometimes I chew things I shouldn't, sometimes I get greedy and try to steal your food, sometimes I... do my business where I shouldn't, and I know when you're cross at me. But I try my best to impress you.

I remember when you would often bring a woman home, and she would comment on what a lovely dog I was. I have a feeling I was part of the reason she kept coming back. Eventually, she started living with us. She became like a second master to me and treated me much the same way you do. Eventually, she slowly started growing bigger. I had no idea what was happening. Until one day, she came home her original size, and she had a human puppy! You two started to pay more attention to him than me, but you still took care of me when necessary. When the human puppy was bigger, it started walking on the ground, but on four legs like me instead of two legs like you. I played with him, and he played with me back. A long time later, it started walking on two legs. Not long after that, your woman started getting bigger again. I was excited. I knew what that meant! And before I knew it, there was another human puppy. This one was a girl. And soon, she could play with me too!

We've both had hard times in our lives, but I just want you to know, I really wish I could tell you all this. But then again, I do! Every time I lick you, wag my tail at you, cuddle up to you, I tell you. I love you, master.

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