unusual text message

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Text message , Friend , Lingerie , Kiss , anal sex , New exsperiences .

Submitted: July 05, 2011

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Submitted: July 05, 2011



I was at home on computer when i recieved a text message on my mobile . \" Hello be at Monocco Motel room 10 at 12 midday \".I didn,t know who it was from as the number was unlisted . I looked to see it was 11 am and decided to shower and shave to be ready to leave . I walked to my car at 11.35 am and jumped in and headed off . I was racking my brain on who it could be . Was it a friend , a new lover , a old close friend ? . Who knew .

I soon pulled up out the motel with 5 minutes to wait . My mobile went off as another text message come through . This one said \" Grab the bag out the boot of your car and bring that inside now \" . I got out and opened the back hatch and grabbed it as i walked up the pathway to room 10. The door was ajar as i knocked and pushed it open . I seen a message on the bed and put down the bag to open it .

I soon read \" Ok glad you made it and want you to drop the bag next to the bathroom with the lock open for me to access things \" . I did what was ask as i unlocked the bag and placed it near the bathroom door . I returned to the bed as there was another message at the bathroom door that i opened when i sat back on the bed . It said \" open the side draw and you will see some lingerie . In there is a bra and panty set with suspenders and stockings and black stilletoes and a blind fold . Put them on immediatley and lay face down on the bed \"

I immediatley started to strip off as i opened the draw to see the lingerie . There was a red bra and pantie set with black suspenders and stockings and red stilletoes . I slipped on the bra and then the stockings and suspenders . Then i slipped into the red panties and slipped on the stilletoes . I was ready as i slid the blindfold over my eyes and gently slid onto the bed face down .

I heard the bathroom door open and heard the footsteps come closer to the bed . The silence was deafining as i felt the bed sink as she { i hope } sat down . I hand touched my bum cheeks as i felt her caressing me. Moving both her hands over my back legs and kneck made my cock stick hard into the matress . Her hands spred my legs wider as she gropped at my stiff cock and played with it hard and fast . I groaned as she replied \" Be quiet or i stop and you can get dressed and go \" . I nodded

She continued to free my cock from the side of the red panties as she noticed the pre cum gathering on the head .I felt her wipe the pre cum and heard her suck eagerly on her fingers . She replied \" roll over and keep quiet\" . I did just that as she seen my raging cock in all its glory . She lent towards me as i felt her suck both my nipples through the bra . She bit tenderly on them as her hand stroked my cock and balls . I groaned really softley as she knew i was trying to be quiet .

She moaned as i wondered what she was doing and suddenly smelt her pussy juices as she put two fingers into my mouth . Eagerly i sucked and cleaned her fingers up with ease . She replied \" want more \" I nodded as i felt her move up and sat across my chest . im smelt her juicey pussy and waited as she moved up and sat across my face . Unfortunatley her panties were still on as she teased my that way .

I went to move my arms to touch her as she smacked me \" when i guide you \" . I felt her rub her warm crutch across my face as i gently tongued her panties . She stopped as she said \" pull the panties aside \" I did that as she moved her exsposed pussy over my face and waiting tongue . I mananged to lick her pussy as her taste was sensational . She told me to hold her panties to the side and as i did she rode her pussy into my hungry mouth . My tongue slid easerly inside her as she moaned with excitment . I moved my hand up and risk pulling her panties free . She let me as with two hands now i freed them from her thighs .

She continued to ride my tongue and hungry mouth as her juices covered my face and dripped down my goaty and kneck . She reached back to stroke my cock as it was killing me being so hard . She realised by the feel of it as she got off my face and slid down to my waiting cock . She replied \" how bad do you want me ? \" I groaned \" really bad please \" She replied \" How bad i ask \" . I replied \" Id do anything \" . She replied \" good answer \" as she took my cock and guided her pussy down onto the head . She rubbed my head at her entrance as she said \" More \" . I groaned \" Yes please more \" . With that she slid down over my shaft as it slid easily into her hot vagina . I groaned as she said \" You may speak \" . I nodded \" Thank you\" .

She watched me as i was still blind folded and allowed to touch her breasts as she guided my hands there . I squeezed them as i felt her ride me . She rose right up and plumbeted down to the start of my balls as i felt me reach her clitoris . She knew exactley how to get what she wanted and tease me into submission . I heard my cock slopping in and out of her saturated pussy as i felt her juices drip down my balls .She leant foward and our lips met as my tongue searched hungrily inside hers .We kissed passionatley as we both rode the wave of excitment . It was then that she shook and climaxed as she collapsed on me as her body shook with excitment .

She replied \" Well never orgasmed so hard so fast \" I groaned \" glad you did mistress \" . She pulled my cock out as her juices spewed from her lips as she ask me to kneel on all fours . I did as she disapeared saying \" Don,t move or remove the blind fold \" . I felt my swollen cock and felt the juices from her vagina trickling off my cock . I wiped my cock and licked eagerly at my hand to taste her juices . I continued doing that till i heard her voice \" What are you doing ? \" . She walked up and slapped my butt . \" Did i say play with your cock ? \" . I replied \" Sorry mistress but i had to not waste your juices \" . She slapped me again as i said \" Sorry \". She accepted my reply and kissed me softly on my mouth .

I was hungry for more as she said \" Ok i now want you to obey everything i do and ask \" . I nodded \" Yes mam \" . I heard her put some things down on the side table . She then turned on the music softley as i waited patientley and nervousley to what is going to happen next . She said \" This is a whole new exsperience for me and want to exsperience it with you ok ? . I replied \" Yes mistress \" . She dissapeared again and left me wondering where she went . She soon returned and sat on the bed . She ask me to touch her and as i did was enjoying it . I started at her face and moved down to her neck and down to her nipples . They were erect and hard as i continued down . Thinking id be where i was hoping to be soon.

I ran my hands futher down and was surprised to find a strap on strapped to her thighs . She replied \" Ok lets get started \" . She told me to kneel again as i did i heard a hum and realised she had a vibrator in her hands . She said \" Relax \" I did as i felt her put the vibrator to the entrance of my anus . I noticed it was small and covered in lubricant . I brieved in as she gently pushed the vibrator into my butt . She turned it fully on as i enjoyed the humming . She moved it in and out of my butt and said \" Ok next one \" . She turned on the next one as she lubricated it and gently entered it into my ass . I groaned as it was definatley bigger and vibrated harder . She manouvered that in and out of my ass quite rapidley as my cock twitched with the humming .

Pulling that out she said \" Bigger one \" and soon felt the top of the vibrator entering my was virgin butt . She took it slowly and waited for me to adjust to the forienge object . She eventually turned it up fully and pushed it fully inside . She reached around and stroked my cock as she manouvered the vibrator . \" Don,t cum yet \" she said as i tried to ignore her hand over my cock and balls and vibrator in my ass . She removed the third vibrator and said \" Ok 10 inch vibrator being entered now \" . I groaned as i soon felt my arse get wider as it was vibrating hard and fast and soon had it fully inside . It was turning me on so much as i groaned \" Fuck me with the strap on please ? \"

She replied \" Since you ask nicely\" . She got me to move to the edge of the bed . She let me feel the lubricated strap on and couldn,t believe what was going to happen . She grabbed my hips and stuck the head of the strap on at my anus . She turned it on as it was loud and she shoved it gently into my entrance . I groaned as i felt my anus stretch around the head . She waited for me to adjust and entered me futher . I felt the anus stretch and as the head went in i screamed trying to accept it . I breathed hard as the strap on slipped further up my back passage . She said \" when you accept this you can fuck me as much as you want \" . I grinned thinking about that . Every millimeter felt like a foot . She held me harder around my waiste and pushed in harder . It was then my hard throbbing cock started to throb and i felt her push the rest in .

I screamed \" Fuck me \" and she obeyed and soon had it fully in me and started moving . The sensation was unreal as i know now what a vagina feels like with a cock in it . She was moving fast in and out of my ass and she started stroking my cock . I knew that i was ready too exsplode .She pulled out and told me to lay on my back. As i did she pulled the blindfold off me as i watched her re entermy ass and slam it all the way in. With that she lent foward and engulfed the head of my cock and sucked it . I screamed as i knew i was going to cum . She fucked my ass and sucked my cock and within a few seconds she felt my cock exsplode . She sucked up and swallowed the entire load as i collapsed exhausted as she pulled the strap on from my ass and unhooked it and joined me on the bed .

She kissed me as i could,nt believe what happen . Was a good exsperience for me and her as well .

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