Cold World....

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I was listening tothe news and really felt the kaos and agony of the world hit me... and i vented enjoy...

Submitted: December 07, 2011

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Submitted: December 07, 2011



God woke us up today why aint we celebrating, in his eyes we all family so why aren't we never relating, always debating segregating and even eliminating, each other our brothers our sisters our lovers. On the news everyday u see a cryin mother. Its a cold world! Crips... bloods.. wana be thugs if u want ya life shortened u might as well do dem deadly drugs or suicide it aint worth it just being down to ride. Poverty welfare not enough money for the people but they got plenty money for warfare. It aint fair. Homegirl sellin her body for money, that's like a queen bee sellin her honey, it makes no since its a cold world! Stds from ya knees people catchin shit like God sneezed, a nigga could get unprotected sex if he flex hard enough a girl can get u caught and stuck wit no handcuffs cause she gota big butt and a devilish smile now at 16 ya gota child u should of never trusted a female named poison. U gota slang or claim fame to support her cause right now yall barely surviving off some quarters its a cold world. We already have natural disasters that randomly kill us y do we continue to create unnatural ones??..........

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Cold World....

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