The Doodle

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A little boy sees his sister's art and gets inspired

Submitted: April 28, 2016

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Submitted: April 28, 2016



She scribbled something quickly on a spare sheet of paper. Sometimes turning the paper in all different directions, even folding it. This went on for five minutes, the sound of the pen sliding across the rough paper the only sound in the room until she took a deep breath and looked at what she had created, for the first time getting a good look. She smiled. It looked good.


The boy behind her gasped in surprise, then squealed in excitement.


"You like it?" She asked, he nodded "You can have it then!" She told him tenderly. He squealed once more, unable to retain his happiness. She chuckled and patted his head before leaving the room and walking downstairs.

He took the piece of paper and looked at it again, focusing on its details like he had never done before. He sat at the seat the girl had used and took out another piece of paper. He tried to recreate the drawing as best as his five year old dexterity  could. When he deemed it good enough, he ran downstairs the paper in his hand.

He showed it to his sister, who took it and observed it, once again chuckling.

"This is really good!" she exclaimed, not really recognizing what he had drawn. He gave her a big smile and snatched it from her grip again.


Later that night, he asked for help to attach both drawings on the walls of his bedroom. His father got a corkboard and fixed it up in front of his bed, using pins to attach the papers.


As the years went by, the boy drew and redrew that same drawing, with the goal of drawing an exact replica. Every year he would look at the previous ones, find the faults and try again.



When he turned fifteen, he finished that year's copy of his sister's drawing. He looked at it for a long time, trying to find faults. Then he compared his copy with his sister's and smiled. He had done it, he could draw just as well as his sister could. He called his sister, to tell her the good news.

She laughed over the phone

"You've kept drawing that? That silly doodle?" He felt slightly offended, but ignored it, knowing she had meant no harm. They organized a meet up that weekend, and he awaited with impatience.


When the time came, he placed both papers next to each other, and asked her to guess who's was who's. She hummed for a few minutes, pretending to guess. She knew which one was hers, the paper was obviously older, but pretended as she had done all those years before, to encourage him. She finally guessed, correctly and he groaned, laughing. She assured him it had been a lucky guess, and that she was impressed with his talent. She was, truly, she admired his dedication, and was proud to be his driving force.


Their mother entered the room and scoffed.


"You should focus on more educational topics instead of drawing. You won't make a living from that" His face fell. "And you, stop encouraging him, you're a bad influence, he should be focusing on math and science like his cousin." She rolled her eyes at her mother and stood up, taking her brother's hand and papers.


"Don't listen to her, she's 'normal' she doesn't know what it's like to have that talent, you can't blame her, it's not her fault. Keep drawing, you're great at it. And my company is always looking for more designers, you keep drawing, and I'll get you a job so you can show mom off"

He nodded, his mood lightened.



He kept drawing for five more years, until his sketch-book was full. He called his sister, to tell her the good news. They organized a meet up that weekend, which he awaited with impatience.


When the time came, he placed the book in front of her, and she looked through. For the first time, she didn't need to pretend to be impressed. Her brother's drawings blew her mind. She called her manager, and they went to the work building to have an impromptu job interview.



When he turned thirty, he called his sister, telling her how he had started his own comic, and that it had been published. She squealed in the phone in excitement and requested they meet up that weekend so that she may read it.


She waited impatiently. When the time came, he put the comic book in front of her, and she read it silently and quickly.

"This is amazing!" He thanked her profusely for the praise and thanked her for the inspiration. She didn't know what to answer, thinking she did not deserve the praise.



When he turned thirty two, she called her brother, to announce the good news. She had gotten word from her new manager that his comic would be turned into an animated movie. She would be directing it, and that she needed help making a script and drawing it. They met up that weekend, both waiting impatiently for more information.



When he turned thirty five, the movie was made, and became a worldwide hit.

The siblings were at their happiest, both had resolved their dreams, his to show his art to the world, and hers to direct her own movie.


Collaborating on that made it even better for them both. 

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