Become on, da? (a hetalia fanfic)

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I love hetalia and my favorite character is russia, so thus this was made. this is only chapter 1 so there will be more(i know it is short but there will be more)
also, this has no real historical events really related to it so if you are searching random hetalia fanfics with hope of finding answers to your history homework, i suggest you read a textbook, because if you use this fanfic, your teacher will think you are dumber than a rock. which is saying something because my pet rock artie is pretty smart.
but yes, dont use this for facts.
love ya,

Submitted: December 31, 2011

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Submitted: December 31, 2011



“You ever wonder how the stars stay in the sky at night?”

As usual, Moscow was late. Why did this always happen to her? She is stuck with the feeling she’s been cursed by some gypsy. Of course, that’s not really possible, for she had never met a gypsy in her life. And she had never done anything to deserve a curse. Or had she? That’s not what bothered her, though. What if they decide to forget about her if she doesn’t make it in time? No, no, she can’t think so negatively.

As she reaches the door, she is almost knocked out by the door swinging out. She steps back and out comes a very muscular man. He has blonde hair slicked back and he seems confused. “Oh, you must be Moscow, yah?” he says.

“Um, da”, she replies, still a little shocked.

He motions her inside the building. He leads her down a hallway fairly lit with some light bulbs. As they reach the last door, the he stops. “This is the room of which your boss is”, he said, “Also, I am Germany. If you have trouble, come find me.” And with that, he left.

Moscow knocked on the door. In a few seconds, the door opened, reminding her of when she got here. She noticed the doorknob looked like it came off at one point. Out walked an awkwardly tall man. He had pale blonde, short hair. His eyes were purple and he had quite a large nose. He wore a cream colored scarf and a long tan jacket. “Oh, there you are. I had been worried you wouldn’t show up”, he said with a smile on his face.

There was something strange about that smile, as if it weren’t real or genuine. “Uh, da. I-I am sorry I’m late. This always happens to me for some reason…”chokes Moscow.

“Don’t worry. Everything is fine. Come on in” he says softly and gently

Moscow enjoyed being in that room. It felt like home. Well, from then on it probably is.

End of chapter 1

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