EX problems! i need help :(

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my ex sent me this a couple of dy ago and i need your help to tell me if i did the right thing. i dumped him 3 years ago, he is 2 years older than me, we go to the same school, i dont like him like that anymore, he is ment to be my friend, and i have a boyfriend, ohh and i like someone at school! nothing major though...

Submitted: October 17, 2009

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Submitted: October 17, 2009



From: not giving names
To: not giving names
Subject: Im ready now
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 2009 18:16:18
welll.. i think i have enuf courage to do this now.. but i really wanted to tell u in person rather than over an sucky email....
i know this sounds very hard to hear but i have to let it out... i think by now u wuldve guessed what i want to say.
But i think u should really hear those words.

Heather i have fallen in love for yu again.. and this time i cannot ingore the feelings i get when i see yu,

you make my heart beat faster,
you make me breathe faster,
you make me fall.
You are the light of my life, the source of my glee. love is what shlud be.
im sorry, no matter what ur reaction is i just want you to know that
I love you so.


this is how i responded

ima gonna cut to the chase...

Are you serious?
how could you fall in love with me? again?

im nothing special! there is nothing great about me. i am your typical ordanary girl. with a whole bunch of flaws. there is nothing extraordanary about me and i am a down right bitch at times. i brake rules and have attitude problems and i fight with my parents. that aint to great! i was a bitch to you after we split, a shitty girlfriend, we fight all the time, i ignore you if i am pissed and the biggest thing, i have a BOYFRIEND! ohh not to mention i like someone in the school, which i reallyshouldn't, but anyway :(

im sorry if this sound bad and hurts you... but
you seriously need to get over me. i dont like you like that anymore.
what happened to 'that is all hystory'? they were your words not mine.
i like you as a friend not in a romantic way anymore.
you give the greatest hugs and you can cheer me up but that is what friends are for.
i want you to be my friend but you cantlove me or that makes me feel really awkwardcoz i cant return those feeling. sorry but it true :(

god i feel like such a bitch writing these words but you need to know.
im relly sorry.
i dont want things to be awkward betweem us and you are putting this huge load on my shoulders. can you imagine for a sec.
if you got a girlfriend and you relly love her, and then your ex form 3 YEARS ago comes out and says 'i love you' and you really dont want to hurt there feeling?
i feel like shit and i am pretty sure i am hurting your feelings now but i had to.
you really need to get over me and move on. get a girlfriendwho is your age and who will love you back and forget me! ( i aint shouting i just feel strongly about that)

again i am really sorry if this hurt you but i have a boyfriend i love and a guy i like and ireally only think of you as a close friend now.
god i need help! did i do the right thing. please message me coz i have to see him on mondy and it will be weird!
xx heather

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