The Storm

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Waiting for the storm to break

Its brewing

not like tea leaves

Like danger.

Like words unspoken

Like thoughts unheard.

Anticipation rolls thick like thunder

you can feel it on your skin

you can feel it in your bones.


Before the damn breaks

before the sky splits

like an inhaled breath

waiting for release.

The earth feels the tension

the trees seek relief

They talk in hushed whispers

of memories so sweet

Drown us and envelop us

surround us and save us

Their parched souls

calling to the sky


They sky waits

it rumbles and builds

immersed in the tension

and when it finally breaks

to reveal its first drop of freedom

you can feel the earth sigh

as gratitude washes over it

like waves soaking the shore

we find our release

we don’t wait any more.

Submitted: August 07, 2018

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