Nothing to Something Because of you

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I wrote this along time ago because of my father..umm.. yeah and bad spelling...

Submitted: December 01, 2009

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Submitted: December 01, 2009



As I cry on the inside for freedom
I stand like a stone before you.
I look into your eyes and see the fire
of hatered I see pain
I want to run away I want to hide

As I walk in the light of the moon
through the dark woods I can feel
you o so near and ready to take me down
Yet you don't. You pull me into the suns
burning light and try to make me cry
I want to hide in the darkness
I want to walk among the free not
be caged like an animal

As I look to my friends for help
you pull me away you take my life from me
and kill my hopes and dreams
I want to scream I want to run

As I'm about to run I see That i can not
I must stay. So I haide away and let the
Rain wash away my fears and walk up to you
I let it all out I took my life back
And showed you no fear
I got what I wanted now i'm out of here

As yo try to stop me from leaving
once again I look into your eyes one last time
and give back all the hatered, pain, and disappointment
you gave to me through out all these years.
You let go and move aside
I'm gone so Good Bye

By: Tear Le

© Copyright 2019 Tear Le. All rights reserved.

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