Crumbled (Short story)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic
This short story is for XPStiger's contest. I chose the picture with the Golden Gate Bridge. Here's the summary--
Avery Willows never believed the myth. "Tomorrow, the world is going to come to an end. It will start off with an earthquake affecting the whole globe, and from then on, we don't know." The CNN news broadcaster says. Avery still doesn't believe it. Until, it starts happening and she has to save her and her friends, as her college crumbles. Her friend dies, and she decides to save them, and not get in the way. She doesn't want to live in a world like this. So, she becomes a ghost of San Francisco.

Submitted: June 14, 2011

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Submitted: June 14, 2011



A/N *Hey, soo, I have a novel of this, but it's for a contest and the deadline is Thursday, and I really didn't know my idea would come this short, so instead of 3 chapters, I'm making a short story for XPStiger's contest. I hope this is okay!*

I scribble down the notes that are up on the board just as a paper airplane lands in front of me. I look up to see if Professor Dyer has paid any attention. Of course, he hasn't. I quickly unfold the paper.

There's a party tonight on campus. Wanna be my date ?I'll pick you up at your dorm around 7.


A smile creeps on my face, and I look to my right and lean foward. Connor feels me staring, and looks up and smiles. His dirty blond hair hanging just above his eyelashes which make his grey eyes, with the purple specks stand out.

I quickly write back to him,

Sounds good (:

And fold up the paper airplane, and throw it back when Dyer isn't looking.

I just finish writing down the notes, when Dyer dismisses us. I gather up my things, and leave the class room. I head across campus, to my dorm room which I share with my best friend, Darci.

I unlock the door, and throw my bag on my bed.I start walking to the bathroom, and pause to listen to the newsanchortalk from CNN.

"The world is going to end tomorrow, predict well known scientists. Or it will start. They say that it will all start off with a huge earthquake affecting the whole globe. That will then create a 20 story high tsunami splashing onto coasts world wide. From then on, we don't know. But crisis' will happen. Such as volcanoes erupting. And hurricanes, and tornados."

I glance over at Darci, and she's trembling in that way she does when she's scared or excited. The anchor talks into his ear piece, and an emotion flashes across his face, then quickly disappears.

"The scientists have now said, the earthquake will occur later tonight." I quickly reach for the remote, and turn off the television.

"Darci, it's not going to happen," I tell her.

"What if it does?"She asks, trembling. I walk over to her, and push her dark brown hair behind her ear.

"It was supposed to happen in the past a bunch of other times, but it never did." I say, and I can tell she's calmed down.

She nods her head. "Yeah, maybe you're right." I sigh, and smile.

"Well, I have a date to get ready for. Just relax tonight, okay Darci?" She nods her head, and smiles. I head to the bathroom.

I take a quick shower, and shave my legs. I wrap my hair into a towel, and look through my closet looking for something that's good for San Francisco weather.

I finally decide on a blue dress, and tan flats. I quickly blow dry my red hair, and curl it. I do my make up, and walk out into the living room.

"It's missing something Ave,"Darci says, while she snacks on gummy bears.


"Your dress, it's missing something,"she says again as she heads for her closet. She comes back with a braided belt the color of my shoes, and wraps it around my waist, and fastens it. She stands back, and nods her head in approvement.

There's a knock on the door, and I quickly grab my wristlet and open it.

"Oh, it's you."I say, to Darci's boyfriend.

"Gee, thanks Ave," He laughs. I laugh too.

"I didn't mean it like that, I'm just expecting someone. Come on in,"I say and open the door farther for him.

"Blaine? Is that you?" Darci calls.

"Yeah babe, it's me." Blaine says, as he searches the room. I look up at my best friend's boyfriend. He has short brown hair, and brown eyes. He looks down at me, and smirks.

"What?"I ask.

"So, who's your date?"He asks, just as there's a knock on the door. Blaine beats me to it, and stands in the way so his buff figure hides me petite one.

"Hey, erm, is Avery here?"I hear Connor ask.

I start pushing Blaine out of the way. "Ugh Blaine!Go say hi to your girlfriend or something and move it!" I say still trying to push him out of the way.

He starts laughing. "Alright, alright. Be careful you two," he says and whispers in my ear. "Don't let him in your pants Ave!"And I burst out laughing. He's like a brother to me.

"Don't worry Blaine..."I say, as I shut the door behind me.

"Wow, you're stunning."Connor says, as he looks me up and down. I look away, and blush. He takes my hand, and leads me to the party across campus.

His hand is warm, and soft, and comforting. We get to the site of the party and the music is so loud, the ground shakes.

"Want a drink?"Connor shouts, trying to get me to hear over the loud, thumping music.

"I don't drink!"I shout back. He mouths the word okay, or maybe he spoke, but I just couldn't hear him.

He pours me a glass of water, and hands it to me.

"Thanks!"I shout. He smiles at me, and takes my cup away from my hand. He sets it on a table, and leads me to the dance floor.

He starts doing lame dance moves, and I laugh along. We do the sprinkler, and the lawn mower. He even does the worm. We're having so much fun, that we abruptly stop when slow music comes on.

We stand there awkwardly, then he smiles.

"May I have this dance?"He asks, still smiling. I smile back, and nod.

He wraps his arms around my waist, and I wrap my arms around his neck, and lay my head against his shoulder.

All of a sudden, theground starts shaking, and I look up at him puzzled. Pieces of the ceiling start falling down on us. I put my arms protectively over my head.

"It's an earthquake!"I shout, letting everyone know.

People start screaming, and heading for the doors to leave. Not smart. I scream when the ceiling fan lands right next to me, with a loud thud. I hear a loud, screeching noise. And the earth cracks open next to Connor.

"Oh my god!"I shout, terrified now.

He takes my hand, and leads me through the room. We literally slide against the hardwood floor under a table. Connor pushes my matted, sweaty hair away from my forehead, and his hand lingers there.

"I won't let anything happen to you, okay? I promise." I just nod my head, and he pulls me into his lap, and we fall asleep.


I stand in the rubble of my college. My crumbled college.

I bend down, and pick up a photograph that must of survived.

It's folded in different places, and I smooth it out with my hands. I blow off the dust, and examine the picture.

My hand goes to my mouth, as I gasp. I cry, and the tears flow. Arms are soon around me, and holding me. Soothing me.

"It's, it's," I say, but choke on my tears. It's a picture of all the freshman kids from last year. And I was one of them.

I hear screaming and shouting, and am shocked. Because I thought no one survived. But then I remember Darci calling my name at the party. She slams into me, and pushes me with her hands.

"You said it wouldn't happen! You said we were fine!" She shouts at me, as she shoves me again. Blaine wraps his arms around her waist to hold her back.

"Well, I'm not a freaking scientist! I didn't know it would happen, I just THOUGHT it wouldn't," I shout, emphasising thought.

"Our families, could be dead!" She whispers, and then breaks down and cries.

I shake my head, making up my mind. I start walking off, to the once parking lot, looking for a car not brutally beat up. I hear someone calling after me, then Connor steps in front of me.

"Hey, hey," he says, as he strokes my hair away from my face. "What are you doing?" He asks, as he lightly touches my wrist trying to stop me. But I keep walking ahead. Blaine catches up, carrying a crying Darci.

"I'm not going to just, sit around and wait to die! I'm not going to do nothing! I'm going to try and save myself, and anyone who wants to come with me! I am NOT staying here. I'm leaving before the tsunami hits," I snap.

I turn back away, and get into a car. I try to hotwire it.

"C'mon," I whisper. "Ugh, damn it!" I shout, frusterate, and slam my hands into the steering wheel. I try again, and it finally starts up.

The passenger door opens, and someone slides in next to me.

"You didn't think I'd let you go on your own, and not finish our first date, did you?" Connor says, and smirks.

I lightly smile, and roll down the window.

"You guys coming or not?" I shout at Blaine and Darci.


We drive and finally see The Golden Gate Bridge in site. There's people wandering the streets, looking for a way out. Some people are driving, to get away.

I make a right, and turn onto the bridge. Suddenly, we're enveloped into a thick fog. I roll down my window, and stick my head out to get a better view.

"What's that noise?" I ask. There's a noise of crashing, and whooshing.

"Roll up your window, now!" Connor shouts at me.

I do as he says, and it closes shut just as we're turned on our back, and banged around. We were too late. The tsunami hit.

I scream, and everything seems like it's in slow motion. We're floating throught the water, that's engulfed everything. Our car is pushed into a building, and the windows shatter, letting in huge amounts of water.

We all try to open the doors, but they won't open. I hold my breath, just as the water fills the car. I turn to face Connor, and motion for us to swim through the windows. He nods his head, and motions to Blaine and Darci.

I swim through the window, and am cut along the way by the glass left in the window. I look behind me to make sure everyone got out. Everyone did, except Darci. Blaine and Connor have already swam to the surface. So, it's up to me. I swim back down, and see Darci in the car.

I forgot, she can't swim.

I grab a hold of her under the arm pits, and start pulling her out of the window. She's stuck.

I feel light headed, from holding my breath too long. But I can't give up. I keep pulling, and she finally breaks free. Still holding her, we swim to the surface.

We take gulp fulls of air, and manage to stay floated. We all swim for a building, that's managing to stay out of water. We climb atop, and stay there for a few days, until the water level goes down.


I was never prepared for this.  Never prepared to possibly die, and lose people I cared about. My family could very well be dead. And I know for a fact that Blaine is.

You're probably asking, but, you all went to the building?

Yeah we did, and then we realized Blaine was missing. We went searching. Searched for hours. We saw his baseball cap floating with the bowl shape up, and a little box inside. And that's it. No sign of him. He must of knew he would die. He must of knew that, he wouldn't be able to make it. So, he put his hat floating in the water, with a box inside. With an engagement ring.

Now, we're all a little shaken up, from actually losing someone with us. Knowing it was on our watch. Knowing that, we didn't get to say goodbye. We didn't get to watch Blaine purpose. Or see Darci and Blaine get married. We didn't even see him make it out of the car.

I hold Darci in my arms, as she sobs. Just like a baby. Vulnerable. Scared. Sad. Hurt.

But can I blame her? No.

Blaine was like a brother to me, he was a friend. He was Darci's first and last love. Unless we make it out alive. If we make it.

You're probably thinking, you need to stay positive. Motivated.

But, I'm not. I know I'll die. And I will for the ones with me. I know, there's little chance of any of us surviving. I know, there's no hope.

And no survivors in San Francisco but us. And only us. The rest of the world could be dead for all we know. So why should I stay living? I shouldn't

"I'm going to go, for a swim," I tell them, slowly getting up.

"I'll come with you," Connor says, starting to stand.

I look back at him, and bite my lip.


I dive off the building, and splash into the water. It tastes salty, and burns my cuts and scrapes on my body. But it's the last real thing I'll ever feel.

I swim as far away as I can from them, putting distance between us. I can see what was on streets, and homes, and parks, under the water. The only thing you can see above it are skyscrapers.

I float on my back, and close my eyes. I try to think of the happy times, I try to think of my family. I think of the once happy world. No earthquakes, tsunamis, people dying everywhere. The world dying. And I try not to think about what I'm going to do next.

I take a deep breath, and look at my surroundings once last time. Then I plunge in the water. And never come back up.

© Copyright 2020 Tear On A Rose. All rights reserved.

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