The Break Up

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A conversation between a Husband and Wife turns into a horrible future.

Submitted: October 12, 2013

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Submitted: October 12, 2013



It was a sunny spring afternoon, the birds are chirping, the chipmunks and squirrels are out playing and the butterflies are flying from flower to flower. Landon and Sara Lock have been happily married for the last ten years. They met in college and had it all planned out that they would get married once they both graduated. Graduation day came and not short after Landon and Sara were married. After being married for close to eight years, Sara and Landon decided it was time for a child. Jakob was welcomed into the world and is now two. The years since he was born have flown by.

“Hi honey” Landon says to Sara as he sits down on the couch next to her and hands her a cup of hot tea.

“Thanks Landon” she replied reaching out to grab the cup. Sara takes a sip of the tea and sets it down on the end table next to her. “Landon, can we talk for a few minutes?”

“Sure, is there something in particular that you would like to talk about?” Landon says with a puzzled look on his face.

“Well, you know how throughout our marriage we have always been completely honest with each other.” Sara said.

“Yes, that has been one of the rules in our marriage.” Landon said as he changed his position on the couch.

“Well, I have not been completely honest with you for the past couple of years” Sara said to Landon as she took his hand in hers.

“What do you mean you haven’t been completely honest with me?” Landon's face went from cheerful to disappointed in an instant. He pulled his hand away and laid it in his lap.

Sara just look at him “I have not...” She suddenly stopped.

Landon looked over at her and saw that she had started crying.

Landon thought to himself “This must be bad, why would she be crying if its not something bad?”

“What? What ever you have to tell me, you better tell me now why you have the chance” Landon said to her frustrated.

Sara Mutters out the words “Faithful. I have not been faithful to you”

Landon's face went blank, “What did she just say to me? There is no way that she has cheated on me? Why would she do something like this? I have been nothing but good to her”

“WHAT?” Landon yelled jumping up from the couch in anger. “What do you mean you have not been faithful to me?”

Sara looked up at him “I'm sorry” Tears started to gush from her eyes.

“For how long?” Landon asked.

Sara stood up from the couch and walked over to where Landon was standing and took his hand. “Almost four years”.

Landon ripped his hand from hers “What do you mean ALMOST FOUR YEARS?” His tone skyrocketed. Sara could tell that he was upset.

“Landon, that's not even the worst part” Sara said to him, his back turned to her.

What could be worse then figuring out the love of my life has cheated on me?” Landon thought to himself as he turned around to look Sara in the eyes.

“What do you mean that is not the worst of it, what could be worse then that?” Landon asked her.

“Jakob might...” She paused. “Not be yours”.

All of Landon emotions hit him at once. Anger, disappointment, grief. Landon started throwing anything he could pick up. The arm chair sitting across from the couch was now smashed to pieces, some laying on the stairs, some pieces landed at the other end of the room. The table that once held Sara's Cup of tea, was smashed into a million pieces and was tipped over, the contents running out creating a stain on the beige carpet. Picture frames that had once lined the mantle top were knocked over, the glass cracked or completely gone.

Landon grabbed his car keys from the table, opened the front door and walked out.

“LANDON” Sara yelled as she made her way around what used to be her living room. “LANDON, COME BACK” she screamed at the top of her lungs out the front door.

Landon was pulling out of the drive way, he sped away so fast, he left tire marks on the asphalt at the end of their driveway.

“Landon, please come back” Sara said but there was no one around to hear her plead.

Sara spent the evening cleaning up the living room, throwing away everything that Landon had destroyed. “This isn’t right, I knew this was going to strike a nerve with him, but I never imagined it would cause him this much pain” Sara thought to herself.

The next morning Sara received a phone call from Landon.

“Hello” Sara said picking up the phone.

“Sara, I want to get Jakob tested to see if he is mine. If it turns out he is another mans, then I am done. Done with all of it” Landon said.

Before Sara could respond he had hung up the phone.

A few days later, Sara received a letter in the mail from Landon telling her where to take Jakob to get tested. Sara agreed to have her son tested, not just for Landon but for herself, she needed to know who the true father is.

Sara took Jakob to the DNA center and had him tested. A week had gone by and today was the day she was supposed to get the results of the test. Sara went to check the mail and sure enough there was a letter from the DNA center. Sara rushed back into the house as fast as she could. She set down the mail on the table and opend up the DNA center letter as fast as she could. Reading the letter, Sara's face turned white as snow. The paper that was sent said that Jakob was 99.9% not Landon’s son. “This is going to kill Landon” Sara thought to herself “How could I be such an idiot? Why did I have to cheat? Why was I not happy with the life I had?”

Sara sat at the kitchen table staring at the piece of paper. She started to sift through the rest of the mail. There was a letter addressed to her with no return address. She opened it to discover divorce papers from Landon.


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