Angel: A true story.

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A true story of what happened to me when I was about nine years old.

Submitted: January 08, 2012

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Submitted: January 08, 2012




I thought you would never leave.

You were my best friend, my sister,

and now you are gone.

With bright blue eyes and and dark red hair,

you made everyone stop and stare.

I found the scars I found the marks,

but I said nothing, kept my mind on park.

I was afraid of telling,

I knew you would be mad,

but I would rather have you mad,

then have everyone else sad.

I waited too long and guess what I see?

A limb cut down, once sprouting from a tree.

A girl lays face down on the ground,

not able to breathe, 

for the rope became tight, 

after jumping to the leaves.

I wait. The family waits. Your friends wait.

Everybody just waits.

I want news. We want to know if you are alive.

A man in a white suit tells me to follow him.

I enter your room and sit by your bed.

I know your life is hanging by a little thread.

You pull me near and hug me weakly,

and use my nickname, by saying "I love you squeaky".

Before you go you tell me one more thing,

"Tell everyone I love them, and I found mom's ring".

She closes her eyes and a beep fills my ears.

My cheeks become rivers as I sit on the floor,

until I hear something roll across the floor.

I pick it up and it's my mom's wedding ring,

and with it a note that says,

"An angel had it, under her wing".

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