Tears in the Rain - the story my me.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is part of my life. During my dark days, when I saw almost no happiness. I came to a realization, and I now plan to get myself out of the hell hole i'm in. It was supposed to be a rap, and I have music to go with it. If you prefer, you may read it just as a poem. You may also try to rap it, although some of it is a little off. Enjoy, and please give me feedback, good or bad, so I know what to fix next time :)


~Tears in the Rain~
everyday i wake up and ?i look into the mirror
my plans finally working, i'm lookin much thinner
one day ill be perfect like the girls in magazines
ill wear size zeros and i'll think its all a dream
my mums getting worried shes sending me some place
where apparently they all try to set you straight
i dont need that, does she think im physcotic?
bitch im normal, your the one whos neurotic
everyday you wake and look yourself in the mirror,
 see your plans are working to look thinner
 youll reach your size zero but if its drugs youll get to ground zero,
 look up to your mother cause she can be your hero.
 lease you have a mother to care while others have none to run to. learn from your wrongs and make it right.
 start to see the light it will be tuff but put up the fight.? before you know it youll be in that new level of heights 
where the sky is not the limit. 
Its your time to shine, you can do it, I believe in your soul, don't let your dreams go. 
There will always be a fight but i know you can win because you always get out whenever someone boxes you in. Just don't give up, you must have hope, and no matter what happens, dont do dope. Just don't give up girl, because you are pretty
My friends one by one tell me that i am too thin, 
That I need to start eating again.
but i just won't listen because i f
eel like im perfect, 
but at the same time i know im not perfect.
I try to tell them that i will be okay,
and that the haters gonna hate and will go away,
but even though I try to cover up the pain,
you will always see me cryin, tears in the rain
Back at the mirror, I look at my face
Thinkin to myslef, what a big disgrace
I call myself ugly almost every day,
knowing that i know how to make the pain go away.
Sittin all alone, blade in my hand,
waiting for my brain to give the command.
And when it finally does, i slash my skin,
hoping never to see the light of day, ever again.
Everyday I wake up, knowing im alive,
disappointed at myself, with the countless times i tried. 
i know life can be better,
if i gave it a chance,
but I guess i just don't, 
afraid of a trance.
I get on to school,
my eyes open wide,
To see my friends smile,
it fills me with pride.
I think to myself how much they care,
and how I haven't exactly been fair
One day I get a letter,
from my friends explaining how I can get better
Be around friends, and make it like a chain letter.
I know I can do it, so i will try.
I write back a list of truths not lies
I tell em that im sorry for causin so much pain,
I guess i let the whole thing get to my brain.
I tell em how I hurt them and how sorry I am,
I just can't help it, neither can my fam
you guys make me happy, and keep me alive,
Even though sometimes I feel deprived.
I know you will be always be there for me,
so lemme return the favor, 
and you will see.
I am gonna change my ways,
and i promise you,
that no matter what happens,
I will stay true.
I will follow my hopes and I will follow my dreams, 
All because of you guys, for sowing up my broken seams:)
And now when i sit here, feelin so alone,
all i have to do is pick up my phone.
cause i know i have friends who really really care, 
and whatever the problem, they will always be right there:)
And now when i have that blade in my hand,
ill just put it down, and i will take my stand.
I will win this battle, as long as i have friends,
 because you guys' encouragement will never ever end:)

Submitted: January 09, 2012

© Copyright 2021 Tearsintherain. All rights reserved.

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This is such an encouraging poem. I really like it and i hope i can get to read more of your work soon.. :)

Mon, January 9th, 2012 12:38am


Thank you!!! :D

Fri, February 17th, 2012 1:56pm


I have some more posted, but they are not nearly as good as this one. I'm working on my other ones though!

Mon, January 9th, 2012 12:57am

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