the bad parent

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Submitted: July 18, 2016

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Submitted: July 18, 2016



I'm the bad parent,
I am not favored by him,
Yea that's apparent,

I yell and I set the rules,
Ground him or spank him,
Then I cry like a fool,

He asks can he? I say no,
He's mad and prefers dad,
It hurts but he doesnt know,

He's hurting and he feels alone,
Life is different now,
Both his friends are gone,

I am not happy,
He doesnt know i left it all,
In hopes that he'd like me,

I try and fail daily,
I can't earn his love,
To him its still daddy,

He's not sad anymore,
I saw the frown on his face,
So we walked out the door,

He's is distracted now,
I'll take away his misery,
I always know how,

We make it home again,
I've taken the misery away today,
I love my little man,

I will do this every day,
No matter how sad he is,
I'll always find a way,

Now he walks in the door,
And just like that,
Mom doesnt exist anymore,

He is his always number one,
No one can compete,
Better? there is none,

He is his best friend,
The center of his world,
A love with no end,

I am alone now,
I have given it my best,
I failed and dont know how,

Then he comes to me,
Yells and curses me,
Puts all the blame on me,

I can't find where i went wrong,
I'm a bad mother now,
Or have i been all along?

I don't know now,
I try to be a mom,
But i dont know how,

I am second guessing,
He's getting out of hand,
Constantl disrespecting,

I'm not confident,
Kids are smart,
My failure is evident,

My son doesn't love me,
Though I am his best friend,
To him it's his daddy,

His words are permantent,
I'll never forget,
I'm the bad parent....

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