The Pain of Bullying

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I wrote this poem when I started my new school. I began to be bullied by the girls in my class. This poem is a conversation between a girl and her brother. The brother is trying to explain to her that she should stand up against the bullies, but she doesnt listen. Will she ever listen to him?

Submitted: December 09, 2011

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Submitted: December 09, 2011



The Pain of Bullying 


He could see the pain in his sister's eyes

It was so unbearable that he began to cry

He tried to reach out and show her he cared

but instead she vanished into the midnight air

The little boy tried to find her and when he did this is what she said

I only wanted friends to show me they cared

but instead they teased me and picked on my hair

i never knew girls could be so cruel

when i answer a question wrong they tell me i don't belong

and now that i am dead they've never gotten to know me at all

is this what our world is made of

violence and crime

maybe thats why girls like me commit suicide

i do nothing to people but they automatically hate me

what is it about me that makes people treat me so wrong

Brother what have i done wrong?

And her brother so solemnly replied


Sister you are so beautiful in your own way

don't let people get you down

and don't you ever frown

don't ever stop smiling or singing all day

because you are God's child 

God made you special and even though sometimes people treat you different

your just like them and maybe even better


Then the girl woke up right out of her bed

and realized it was just a dream gone bad

But that day she knew that bullying wouldn't get the best of her

because she was God's child and that was the best part of all


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