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reflecting on my peesonal childhood memories

Submitted: January 14, 2017

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Submitted: January 14, 2017



To know that you are the reason I'm terrified of all the reason my life is in shambles the title to my fall I was helpless a child you see an you all decided to take advantage of me the whispers an laughs the guilt I felt eternally my childish cries an childish screams for you to leave me alone now my innocents gone the lies you told to cover your name the ridicule name calling an hits I took all in shame a child I was when I realize the word pain I lost myself to all the misery I gained my childhood reflection so ugly to see never thinking anyone will love me or protect me indeed talking to myself singing out loud alone begging the Lord to take me home a child lost in my head wishing all involved was dead a child losing her mind an no where to turn a child just left to burn No one to tell a child living in her on hell. That child me burying these memories that child me fighting everyday with the mental enemies. That child me different an always expressing her individuality. That child me still struggling with sanity an strength yet determined to succeed. A child grown into a strong beautiful black woman thats me.

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