Austin and Ally love story season 1 episode 4

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I've been getting a lot of views for my other episodes. I'm so glad you guys like them, and I really hope you enjoy this one too! :)

Submitted: April 24, 2013

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Submitted: April 24, 2013




Practice room

Austin: *singing* It's not a love song!...

Ally: Something wrong Austin?

Austin: It's just the song.

Ally: You don't like it?

Austin: I like it... but... I think we should write a love song *sits a little closer to Ally on the piano* Dont you?

Ally: Um... maybe! *sits even closer to Austin*Um... *looks away* I'll work on that now. *gets up and walks towards the door*

Austin: *gets up* Where are you going?

Ally: To get some pickels. I'm having some writers block right now.

Austin: I can go with you!

Ally: Really? You want to eat pickels while I write the song?

Austin: I don't mind! *really wants to be with Ally*

Ally: Um... ok! *really wants to be with Austin*


Ally's house

Ally: *eats pickel and continues to write the song about Austin*

Austin: *eats pickel* Can I see what you got so far?

Ally: *holds book tight in her arms* Not yet.

Austin: Alright.

Ally: ...Oh I just remember you never told me that secret a few days ago.

Austin: ...Oh... right.

Ally: So... what is it?

Austin: Um... I don't want something bad to happen in your house.

Ally: Ok... later then.


At the mall

Ally: So... can you tell me now?

Austin: I guess... Ally I-

Fan: OMG! IT'S AUSTIN MOON! *hugs*

Austin: Um...

Fan: *hugs really tight*

Austin: *tries to break free*

Mom: *pulls fan away* I'm sorry.

Austin: It's fine.

Ally: You were saying?

Austin: Ally I-


Everyone: *crowds Austin and Ally*

Austin: Really!? *pulls Ally arm and they run to Sonic Boom*


Sonic Boom

Ally: *locks door*

Austin: Ugh! *angry*

Ally: Austin I'm sorry-

Austin: Not a good time! *runs up stairs*

Ally: I never seen him so angry *sigh*


Practice room

Austin: *on the phone* I don't know Dez! It's like fate doesn't want us together!

Dez: Well me and Trish do!

Austin: I just want to make sure she does like me... and I want her to know that I like her back.

Dez: I'm sorry man... wish I could help.

Ally: *knocks on door*

Austin: Gotta go! *hangs up and opens door*

Ally: *walks in* Hey Austin... I'm sorry things haven't been going well.

Austin: It's alright.

Ally: *sits at piano and looks at it*

Austin: What are you thinking about?

Ally: Just... when we wrote our first song together.

Austin: *sits next to Ally* Yeah... we've come a long way haven't we.

Ally: Yeah... I was also thinking... what would happen if we were never partners.

Austin: Come on Ally... don't say that. *hugs*

Ally: *hugs back* I'm sorry... I was just...

Austin: *pulls away from hug and looks at Ally* Yes?

Ally: My secret... I want to tell you but... I'm worried.

Austin: What about?

Ally: That... our friendship... and our partnership... that my secret would ruin it all.

Austin: Yeah... I think... my would too.

Ally: I think I know what your secret is... but... since things haven't gone well... I want to see what happens... if I tell you my secret.

Austin: *waits*

Ally: Austin... I like you... and yes in that way.

Austin: *smiles* I do too!

Ally: *smiles back*

Austin: *leans in to kiss Ally*

Ally: *leans in*

Dez: Austin!

Austin and Ally: *get up and stand away from each other*

Dez: Oh... never mind! *leaves*

Austin: I'm sorry.

Ally: It's ok Austin... does this mean we're a couple now?

Austin: I think it does. *smiles*

Ally: *smiles back and holds out hand*

Austin: *looks at her hand and grabs it*

Austin and Ally: *walk out holding hands*


Down stairs

Trish: *sees them holding hands and smiles*

Ally: All the fans are gone!

Trish: Yeah... so... what's new with you too?

Austin: Me and Ally are a couple!

Trish: YAY!


Watch Austin and Ally on Disney channel! :) HOPE YOU LIKED IT!


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