Austin and Ally season 1 episode 3

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This a continued episode from the last one. Enjoy! :)

Submitted: April 20, 2013

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Submitted: April 20, 2013




Previously on Austin and Ally

Austin: Hey Ally! I have tickets to the movies for you and Trish

Trish: I can't go.

Austin: Well I guess we could go.

Austin: *feels strang* I-I'll see you later Ally.

Austin: Dez! I think I like Ally!

Dez: Don't worry i wont tell Trish

Austin: I'm breaking up with Maya.

Ally: Tell her the truth. She'll understand.

Dez and Trish: I have something to tell you!

Trish: Ally likes Austin!

Dez: Austin likes Ally!

Trish: *locks door* You guess are not coming out till Ally tells you her secret.

Austin: Ally, what secret?

In practice room

Ally: Um... I'm sorry Austin I cant tell you.

Austin: Why not? We're best friends and partners Ally!

Ally: I know I'm sorry. *sits down* I just don't know if I'm ready to tell you. You understand right?

Austin: *sits* Yeah... but I think I might be ready.

Ally: *waits*

Austin: *takes deep breath* Ally I-

*They hear construction work outside*

Ally: *noice stops* I'm sorry what did you say?

Austin: *sigh* I said- *bird flys threw the window*

Both: *scream*

Few minutes

Austin: *lets bird out and closes the window* Ok.

Ally: So you were saying?

Austin: Oh yeah... Ally I-

*bird trys coming back but it hits the window and the windows brake and bird flys away for good*

Ally: Oh no! *runs up to window*

Austin: Ally wait I-

Ally: Lets talk later Austin. I don't want to risk something breaking again.

Austin: *sighs and sits down*

Few minutes later

*windows are covered with plastic*

Ally: *pacing around*

Austin: Ally calm down.

Ally: I can't! we've been here forever! *bangs on door* Let us out!

Trish: *other side of door* Did you tell him?

Ally: Yes! I did!

Trish: *doesn't believe her* Austin what was the secret?

Austin: Um...

Trish: Ha! *walks away*

Ally: Austin!

Austin: What was I suppose to say?!

Ally: Lie!

Austin: I didn't have time to think! And even if I did lie we would still be trapped in here because she knows what the secret is!

Ally: You don't know that!

Austin: So what she was so desprate to know what the secret was and now she expects you to tell me and then I tell her?!

Ally: *sigh* I'm sorry Austin.

Later that night

Both: *sleeping*

Austin: *wakes up and looks at Ally sitting at the piano*

Ally: *writes in songbook whispering the lyrics* I think about you every morning when I open my eyes. I think about you every evening when I turn out the lights.

Austin: *smiles* Writing a new song?

Ally: *turns around* Oh... hey Austin.

Austin: *sits next to Ally* I'm sorry about all this... about the bird... and the window... our fight.

Ally: It's alright Austin. It's my fult I told Trish not to tell Dez my secret and-

Austin: Wait... why did you tell here that?

Ally: Because I knew that Dez would tell you.

Austin: Look Ally I know you're not ready to tell me... and I know that things haven't gone well. But... I want to try and tell you again.

Ally: Ok... hopefully nothing happens. *still going a little crazy*

Austin: Ally I-

*Ally's dad walks in*

Ally: Dad! *hugs him and runs out*

Austin: ... *sigh*

Dad: ... ok?

Next day

Trish: What are you doing out? *walks in store*

Ally: My dad let us out.

Trish: Did you tell Austin?

Ally: No... that reminds me! Austin was about to tell me his secret.

Trish: *smiles* Really?

Ally: Yeah... do you know what it is?

Trish: *nods* Austin likes you!

Ally: ... You're just making that up!

Trish: I'm not! Austin likes you Ally!

Ally: No way... what should I do?

Trish: Tell him how you feel!

Ally: Ok... I will!

Austin and Dez

Dez: *gives Austin some ice cream*

Austin: I don't get it! It was just impossible!

Dez: What was?

Austin: Dez were you listening?!

Dez: *licks ice cream* Sorry!

Austin: I tried to tell Ally how I feel but... I just couldn't.

Dez: *looks like he's hiding something*

Austin: Dez?

Dez: Y-yes?

Austin: Are you keeping something from me?

Dez: No!

Austin: Dez!

Dez: Ok! ...Ally likes you!


Watch Austin and Ally on Disney channel! Hope you liked it! :)

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