Austin and Ally season 1 episode 5

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Submitted: April 29, 2013

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Submitted: April 29, 2013




Sonic Boom

Ally: *putting stuff away*

Austin: Hey Ally. Want to go on our first date?

Ally: Um *smiles* sure! Where are we going?

Austin: We are going to see what ever movie you want.

Ally: How about that new romantic movie?

Austin: Uh sure!

Ally: Great! What time should I meet you?

Austin: I'll pick you up at 7:30.


During the movie

Ally: *watching the most romantic part of the movie*

Austin: *is looking at Ally and turns to look at the screen*

Ally: *smiles and sees Austin's arm around her shoulder and looks at him*

Austin: *smiles and looks at Ally*

Both: *lean in to kiss*

Random guy: *spills ice cold drink on Austin*

Austin: *jumps up* AHHH! COLD! COLD! COLD!

Everyone: Shh!

Austin: *runs out*

Ally: *follows*

Austin: COLD!

Ally: Are you ok?

Austin: *angry* Yeah! Im great! *storms out and gets in car*

Ally: Austin! I'm s-sorry!

Austin: Get in the car!

Ally: *scared* I-I'll walk!

Austin: *sighs* I'm sorry Ally.

Ally: *sighs and gets in*

Both: *quiet*


In front of Ally's house

Ally: Why are you so upset?

Austin: It's nothing.

Ally: It's not nothing!

Austin: *sighs* It's just (pause) everytime I tried to even tell you something something bad happens. My chances keep getting ruined! I mean I can't even kiss you with out some guy-

Ally: *kisses Austin*

Austin: Ok either you really like me or you just want me to shut up.

Ally: *laughs* Some of both.

Austin: *smiles*

Ally: *hugs Austin and whispers* I love you.

Austin: *scared something bad will happen* I love you too.

Both: *waiting*

Ally: Look nothing bad happened!

Austin: Yes! Finally!

Ally: *looks at him*

Austin: *kisses Ally goodnight*

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