Austin and Ally Season 1 Episode 6

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In my last episode I had some people tell me how I can make this better. I just want to say thanks to that person, and if I need to correct something else let me know. Thanks! Hope you enjoy this episode. :)

Submitted: May 21, 2013

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Submitted: May 21, 2013



Austin and Ally Season 1 Episode 6


At Sonic Boom

Austin: *walks into store* Who's my favorite girlfriend?

Ally: Hmm I don't know. *laughs*

Austin: *smiles and hugs Ally* You know who I'm talking about.

Ally: I know *kisses*

Trish: *walks in* Not again!

Ally: *pulls away from Austin and looks at Trish* What?

Trish: Every where I look you two are kissing (pause) I WANT A BOYFRIEND!

Ally: *laughs* Well, how about Dez?

Trish: *glares* Have you been brain damaged? Do you need to go to the hospital?

Ally: You're right. Not a good idea.

Austin: So Ally, do you want to hang out?

Ally: I can't I'm working.

Austin: Awwww. Well how about after?

Ally: If I have time.

Austin: YAY!

Ally: But I'm not promising anything!

Austin: Awwww.

Ally: *laughs* Bye.

Austin: Cya *kisses Ally and leaves*


Practice Room

Ally: *writing love song in songbook*

Austin: Hi Ally. *hugs*

Ally: Hey.

Austin: Guess what. I'm gonna be o the cover of a magazine!

Ally: That's great Austin!

Austin: Yeah. They also want to interview both of us.

Ally: Cool.

Both: *kiss*

Reporter: *sees them and secretly takes a picture of them*

Austin and Ally: *pull away and smile at each other*

Reporter: *pretends he just got there* Hey guys!

Austin: *pulls away from Ally like nothing happened*

Ally: *looks hurt*

Reporter: Am I ruining something?

Ally: *about to say "yes"*

Austin: NO! Nothing was happening!

Reporter: Ok? *walks to a chair and smiles when they aren't looking*

Ally: *pulls Austin to the side* Austin what is going on? *whispering*

Austin: What?

Ally: Avoiding me! Why are you  doing this?

Austin: Look I'll explain later.


After the interview

Austin: Bye!

Reporter: Bye guys! I'll let you know what happens!

*Reporter leaves the store and looks at the picture of Austin and Ally kissing*

Reporter: This is definitely going on the cover. *smiles evilly*


With Austin and Ally

Ally: What was that about?

Austin: What?

Ally: *glares* You said you would explain it to me!

Austin: *sigh* I'm sorry about that *sits next to Ally*

Ally: *waits* Well?

Austin: Well I *doesn't know what to say*

Ally: *still waiting*

Austin: How do I say this?

Ally: *thinks it's worse than it really is* OMG! *runs out crying*

Austin: Ally? Ally! Wait!

Ally: *runs out of store*

Austin: *Chases for a while but gets to tired* Ally please. *whispering to self*




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