Austin and Ally Season 1 Episode 7 (Final)

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I'm getting so much views on all my Austin and Ally episodes! Thank you guys! And don't forget to watch Austin and Ally on Disney channel!

Submitted: June 03, 2013

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Submitted: June 03, 2013



Austin and Ally Season 1 Episode 7 (Last episode of season 1)


Practice Room at Sonic Boom

Ally: *playing piano and singing* I think about you every morning when I open my eyes! I think about you every evening when I turn out the lights! I think about you every moment everyday of my life! You're on my mind all the time it's true! *stops* Finally the song is done!

Austin: *runs in with a stack of magizines* Ally! They're here! *puts the stack done*

Ally: *runs over*

Both: *looking in stack*

Austin: Found it! *shocked by the picture on the cover*

Both: *sit down*

Austin: *reads a page* OMG!

Ally: *grabs from hands and reads* What? I don't understand why you're so freaked out.

Austin: *pacing back and forth* Oh-no. Oh-no! Not good, not good!

Ally: *stands up* What's wrong?

Austin: Everything! If Maya sees this-

Maya: *storms in with magizine* Austin! *shows magizine* What is this?!

Austin: Um a magizine?

Maya: Don't play dumb with me! *hit with magizine*

Austin: What the heck!

Maya: *walks up to Ally* How can you be in love with (pause) *looks at Ally with disgust and then back at Austin* this?

Ally: *mouth drops open* Well, hello to you too.

Austin: Who cares Maya? I thought when we broke up you promised you wouldn't interfer!

Maya: Yeah, but I can let you be with (pause) that.

Ally: Hello I'm right here!

Maya: You're going to regret this! *stomps out*

Austin: I'm sorry.

Ally: It's ok.

Both: *kiss*


Next Day at Ally's House

Ally: *wakes up* Yes! Today is my second date with Austin! *texts Trish* I'll go meet her at the mall.


Later at the Mall

Trish: Hey Ally! Ready to go shopping?

Ally: Yep! I can't wait! I want to perfect dress for Austin.

Trish: Ok! We should get you some new shoes and a purse too.

Ally: I don't have that much money.

Trish: Don't worry I brought money too.

Ally: Cool! Let's go.


Later that night

Ally: *putting on make-up*

Trish: Hey Ally can I go with you on your way to the store I think I left something there.

Ally; Sure. I think I'm ready.

Trish: You look amazing!

Ally: Thanks!


At Sonic Boom

Austin: Ally ready for our date? Ally?

Maya: She's not here.

Austin: Oh. Wait why are you here?

Maya: I was coming to buy something.

Austin: Oh. Well want to talk till she gets here?

Maya: Sure why not?



Ally: I can't wait for our date!

Trish: I get it! You said that 100 times.

Both: *walk in store and mouths drop open*

Maya and Austin: *kissing*

Trish and Ally: Austin?!

Austin: *pushs Maya away* Ally!

Ally: *starts crying and runs*

Trish: Ally! Wait! *follows*



Ally: *sitting on the edge of the mall fountain crying*

Trish: *sits next to* You ok?

Ally: No! How can he do this to me?

Trish: It looked like Austin was kind of mad before I left.

Ally: What do you mean?

Trish: I think Maya kissed him first.

Ally: Why would she do that?

Trish: Because she's jealouse.

Ally: *shakes head* No.

Trish: *sigh* Fine. Then why don't you go ask Austin?

Ally: I can't.

Trish: Why not?

Ally: Trish if I even look at him I'm going to start crying.


Ally: I don't think I ever want to look at him.

Trish: But you're his song writer. You're on the team you can avoid him.

Ally: Then I guess I'm quiting team Austin. *runs home leaving Trish suprised*



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