Austinand Ally love story season 1 episode 2

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Here is episode 2 of the series I really hope you enjoy it. Please see episode 1 first. :)

Submitted: April 15, 2013

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Submitted: April 15, 2013




At Mini's

Ally: *orders a small mini pizza* Maybe I should have got the large.

Trish and Austin: *laugh*

Ally: *sits*

Austin: Hey Ally did you finish a new song? Trish and Dez are getting impatient.

Trish: What are you talking about? I'm fine.

Ally: *laughs* Don't you mean you're getting impatient?

Austin: I'm sorry, but I just don't want everyone to think I'm that guy from the dog food commercials again. Or worse!

Ally: What can be worse than the dog food guy? *eats whole pizza in one bite*

Austin: Trust me I'm sure there's worse.

Ally: Don't worry so much austin. Besides I'm sure Trish hasn't made any arrangments for a concert yet.

Trish: You don't know that!

Austin: Did you make any arrangments?

Trish: No.

Austin and Ally: *laugh*

Austin: *phone rings* Hello?... Ok I'll be right there.

Ally: Was that Dez?

Austin: Yeah I gotta go. See ya!

Ally: Bye Austin!

Trish: *to busy reading a magizine to notice*

Austin: *turns around* Wait I forgot something. Maya can't make it to our date to the movies and I was wondering if ou wanted to go Ally?

Ally: Really?

Trish: *this gets her attension*

Austin: Yeah you and Trish can go.

Ally: Oh... me and Trish.

Trish: Oh um... I can't I got a new job!

Ally: Already?

Trish: Yeah I got fired... again.

Austin: Where are you working at now?

Trish: At the Make-up Kiosk

Austin: Um... how about Dez?

Ally: Me? With Dez?

Austin: Yeah... um... I guess we can go?

Ally: Sure.

Austin: Alright see ya!

Before movie

Ally: Austin turn your phone off it's starting

Austin: *rolls eyes* Great.

Ally: If you don't like romantic movies then why did you pick it?

Austin: Because I wanted to be with Maya but she wouldn't watch anything else.

Ally: Wait if you don't like romantic movies why did you try to get me to go with Dez? I mean if you don't like this what makes you think Dez will like it?

Austin: *has arm around Ally with out realizing it* Clearly you don't know Dez very well.

After movie

Ally: That was a good movie

Austin: Well, I fell asleep through half of it.

Ally: I know I had to keep waking you up because you kept snoring. *laughs*

Austin: *embarressed* I don't snore!

Ally: *laughs*

Austin: *feels strange* Um... lets go.

At the mall

Austin: Well I'll see you later Ally!

Ally: Bye Austin!

Austin: *after Ally leaves he calls Dez* Dez!

Dez: Hey Austin!

Austin: I have to tell you something!

Dez: Wow I'm getting really go reception!

Austin: Dez! Are you listening?

Dez: Sorry Austin you just sound really close. *standing next to Austin now*

Austin: ... Dez.

Dez: *still on phone* Wow you sound like you're standing next to me!

Austin: *-_-* I am standing next to you!

Dez: Oh hey Austin!

Austin: *rolls eyes* I have to tell you something... I think I like Ally.

Dez: What! Really?

Austin: I said I think I didn't say I did.

Dez: Are you gonna break up with Maya?

Austin: I can't Dez. It was almost impossible the last time I tried.

Dez: Well what do you normally do when you don't know what to do?

Austin: I get advise from Ally.

Dez: Ok so go talk to her.

Austin: *facepalm* Really Dez? I can't tell her that I have a crush on her! Not yet!

Dez: You don't have to tell Ally you like here. Just tell her you want to break up with Maya for real this time.

Austin: Great idea! I'll go talk to Ally now. Just plz don't tell Trish while I'm gone. I know she'll tell Ally if she found out.

Dez: Don't worry you can trust me.

Austin: Thanks Dez! *leaves*

Dez: ... I have to tell Trish! *looks for Trish*

At Sonic Boom

Austin: Ally I need some advise.

Ally: Sure Austin. What's up?

Austin: ...I want to break up with Maya... but I don't know how to let her down easy.

Ally: Oh, that's a little hard. Why are you breaking up with her?

Austin: ... I kind of found someone else.

Ally: Oh... um just tell her that... I'm sure she won't mind.

Austin: I wouldn't be to sure about that. She's really sensitive and she really likes me... REALLY likes me.

Ally: It's ok Austin. She's understanding.

Austin: Alright I'll try. I'll see you later. *leaves store*

Trish: *walks in* Hey Ally!

Ally: Um... aren't you suppose to be at work?

Trish: Why do you think I'm here?

Ally: Ok? You came just in time I have to ask you something.

Trish: What?

Ally: I'm actully suprised you were able to keep my secret for so long. About me liking Austin.

Trish: Well I didn't have a problem with it until now!

Ally: Sorry Trish but I needed to make sure you knew not to tell Dez. He will tell Austin.

Trish: Are you sure about that? He might see something completly stupid and forget.

Ally: Just don't tell him. *goes to practice room*

Trish: ... I have to go tell Dez! *looks for Dez*

With Dez and Trish

Both: I have to tell something! ... Ok you first! ... Ok me first! ... Would you stop that! ... STOP!

Trish: You know what I'll go first. Ally likes Austin!

Dez: No way! Austin likes Ally!

Trish: Seriously? We have to get them together!

Dez: But how?

Trish: Is Austin going to break up with Maya?

Dez: I think.

Trish: Ok, now we somehow have to trick them into admitting that they like each other. *evil grin*

In Practice room

Ally: *singing* I think about you, every morning when I open my eyes! I think about you, every evening when I turn out the lights! I think about you, every moment every day of my life! You're on my mind all the time! It's true!

Trish: Hey Ally!

Ally: Hey Trish!

Austin: Hey Trish hey Ally! Trish texted me that I had to come to the practice room to work on some songs with Ally.

Ally: Really?

Trish: Oh yeah I'll let you guys work. *leaves the room and locks the door*

Ally: Trish? *trys to open door* Trish!

Trish: I'll let you out once you tell Austin our secret. *leaves*

Austin: What secret?

Ally: Um... hey want to work on our new song?  *walks to piano*

Austin: *stops her* What secret Ally?

Ally: I don't have a secret!

Austin: Please Ally tell me.




Watch Austin and Ally on Disney channel! :) Hope you enjoyed this new episode.


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