Losing You to A Nightmare

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It's not finished, but I thought I'd share it anyway, I randomly came up with the lyrics, it kinda has music but I haven't really made any to go with it yet... I'll try to though, I guess for now you can kinda say it's Poetry...


I have this head on my shoulders,

I didn't tell ya, I have a heart too and it beats for you.

You came into my nightmare, got hurt by a bear,

I was weeping,

cause you weren't sleeping.


Now there's this bolder,

on my shoulder,

me the fall to blame,

got caught up in pain.

Hope you know that I love you,

cause I live for you,

my sweet angel,

not in dangeeer, anymore.


Not in dangeeer anymore.


My love is the same,

as yours can tame.

You say I'm not to blame,

for your death a shame,

but I need you, can't you hear me?

How far are you? I can't feel you...

Is this another nightmare? Or am I in hell, the lair?

Don't take away, my love today,

even though the pain, has not gone away,

I can't say that I'll love again... But for my heart, I'll keep it thin.


Submitted: June 30, 2012

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