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a baisc story

Submitted: October 04, 2014

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Submitted: October 04, 2014



Before You Buy




Hello pope-it I see that you found me book that is great but before you close the e-book info page lets talk first ok. So you maybe you are buying a hard copy of the book in the bookstore well let me tell you something you must be old as fuck because books physical books are dead it is 2013 and its all e-books in fact  there is no physical copy of this book because it would use lots of paper and ink. But anyways this is going to be a book series and not some harry potter or hunger games bullshit but hardcore motherfucking crime/killing/racing kind of series so if you don't like that kind of stuff go fuck yourself because i don't care you looked at this book for a reason so don't give me crap. This book is hardcore and could and will at points go into so much detail that it make take 1 chapter to tell what i did in 1 minute “ha ha jk” but anyways this will be a very good book and will be long. this will take awhile to read and should only be read for people 18+ due to the content in the book. words in this book will not be for children. So please only read this if you are 18 or have the ok from your parents. now before we get started ask yourself some questions do you like this type of book? can you handle content for people 18+ or not and can i get a refund. ok before we get into more detail you can return this book 14 days after you bought it if you pay a $50 return fee so ha. Ok lets get started with my life store you know my real life store you need to get to know me before you read this book. So Here we go this is not part of the main store just a bio on me lets go.


I am the former CEO of BF Center. i was born in the small town of Kingston PA on march 10th 1993 so that means i am young and hip. but anyways this book is good because i wrote it which makes it great so listen up y'all the book does not have parts to it just chapters  so if you don't like that too bad a and it will start off as something you will hate because the first couple pages of a book suck but it will get better and soon you won't be able to put your e-reader down so read and give this a good review one that is so good i cry when i read it. I guess the only thing left to do is start the story so here we go people.


Chapter 1


It was a cold winter day the sun was not out yet i looked at the clock and it read 3:15AM I was not able to sleep because the heat was broke once again and it costs to much money to get it fixed we had no running water at the house so we had to go to the spring and take a shower there it was clean water at first but then when we started to take shits in it it was not the same at all. Yes now you people drink my shit when you are drinking your sink water and one thing if you make more your family makes more then 20k a year I hope my shit is rotten on your insides and makes you sick as a mofo. It is not my falt my dad makes 7k a year it is that man in office he is the cause of all this he took my dads job away and now we live in this old rundown house in the middle of nowhere. It was kind of sad because my dad had a good job but lost it because they could no longer keep him just like obama care wont you keep your doctor. It was time for me to go down to the lake and take my shower it took about 30 minutes to walk there and sucked on cold days. As I was walking down the street I saw the only other kid they lived on the street who was tyler. His family made about 3K a year his parents were to lazy to get jobs so they are getting help for the govrment just like most people on food stamps.My dad workd as a garbag man and the pay kind of sucked but it was better then nothing.

After the shower I went to the other side to get water the side we did not shit in t do say one day i took a massive shit on the side that chris got his water in he was a slow kind of guy when it came to work he would always go to the fucking bathroom like every 15 fucking minutes.all he would do is fix his fucking hair like some goddam bitch he sometimes would take a piss or shit but for the most part that fucker just went to fuck people up. He was a dick yes i hated him like catloc prests rape boys

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