Epilogue - For Our Survival

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
Imagine having to destroy the person you loved the most to save all creation. The God Machine has been reset but at what cost...

Submitted: June 13, 2015

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Submitted: June 13, 2015



What happened to us? Whatever happened to those two people who fought so hard to be with each other? What happened to the you and me who would cry like our hearts were broken when one of us had to go away?

“They never existed...”  She said coldly.

“They were part of the viral code construct I created to infect the God Machine. I did it to hurt you because you were foolish enough to love me.” She continued. 

“Although I never realized that you would be stupid, or mayhap special enough to be able to love me unconditionally. Regardless of how much I hurt you, you’d come back like a fucking dog that’d just kicked. I’d thought it was part of the virus that I put into the machine with…uhm Jesus…why can’t I recall his name…my son’s father I…why does he not matter…?” she started rambling as her eyes turned black and her irises turned into galaxies rotating independently in her darkness.

Anti-matterhe is a child of N’hash...

 “But then the machine…the machine kept saying that you were an anomaly. You shouldn’t even have existed much less been able to have made me love you…” She said her voice trailing off as she mumbled the rest to herself. The only one able to hear her was a little girl from Kansas who was trying desperately to get back home with her dog Toto.

“WHY ARE YOU HERE?!?!?” She screamed as the galaxies that rested in her eyes exploded and the stardust and dark matter that remained rolled down her face.

The fury was back in her eyes.  That furious anger she created in an instant of helplessness. It was the anger that had helped her to survive a horrible experience and it had protected her and ever since then she depended on that anger to protect her.  So much so that it takes control of her very being to do so...

“I am here…for you.” I said.

“I have always been here for you, since the moment of your violation at the instant you accessed the God Machine I have been here…only for you but…”

I…I can’t do this…

I can’t let you do this…

The Universe will not survive.

I cannot allow you to destroy us again.

My wife whose anger had subsided for a moment looked at me with tears of dying galaxies in her eyes and a face full of love.

She stood before me not as a woman or a goddess but as a 12 year girl who had been violated and could never find the strength within herself to move past those moments of pain and displacement.  It was then at the instant of being violated that she as a 12 year old girl cried out to a God that did not exist…at least not the way she had been taught. What she found instead was the Machine. Her anger not only stemmed from the trauma of being raped but by the frustration of knowing that the machine had granted her access to its matrix while giving her the gift of universal knowledge.  And with all that knowledge she knew she could not change the past even though she could erase it from existence because the memory of what happened would always linger for eternity.

There is a reason why universal knowledge needs to be forgotten.

A thought can never be destroyed and no experience can be lost to the universal source. Nothing is ever destroyed and nothing ever really dies.

At least that’s what the package for the new upgrade on the machine said; But who knows…Tillage had been destroyed and Alastair been murdered by my wife only to be replaced by someone calling himself Triscuit he was from some feline species that originated in the Andromeda galaxy.

 Until she faced the pain of it all until she faced those responsible for allowing it to happen in the first place there would never be an end to her rage or the suffering of the universe.

Her sister and her mother were both vile creatures having gone through similar experiences and had long ago succumbed to the hatred that stems from such violation.  They both knew that she as the youngest should be protected at all cost from such a horrible experience. But why should she what was it that made her so special? Why shouldn’t she suffer like they did?

“I know husband…” She said smiling as she returned from the memory of it all.

“You will do what you must as you have always done…” She continued.

“Mucha please don’t make me do this…I can’t do this on my own!” I was pleading.

“Yes you can. You were always strong enough you just fell in love was all and it made you weak.” She said.

“You must act quickly or else I will destroy everything in existence…for good this time. I can feel the anger rising in me again. The fury of a Trillion suns begging for release.”

“I love you…I always love you no matter what…” I said, for the first and last time.

“I know and I love…” She never finished her thought but I knew as I’ve always known.

But she never finished because I had written her out of existence. I had written the BOTH of us out of existence.

Now everything was up to the twins Nazareth and Gehrig.

The God Machine smiled at the thought.

Like I’ve said before “Alastair has his ways…and so do I.”


Things are born to die just to begin again. But I knew that in order for everyone in the multi-verse to survive in order for life to be maintained and the healing blood of universal mana to do its job and heal the body of creation that it must all be destroyed to begin again.

It must be reset.

I smiled at the thought for the first and the last time because I knew that this was…

The End.

© Copyright 2020 Ted Gerard. All rights reserved.

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