I Think I'm Being Watched

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This is Unfinished...I found it while cleaning it was on a piece of scrap paper...I tend to write or start ideas and I forget half the things I write... I think it was about a man being chased by himself...idk I'll start writing it again and it'll come to me...lol...my mind

Submitted: August 03, 2014

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Submitted: August 03, 2014




My name is Harold Donovan and I think I’m being watched. Wait a second, before you get up and leave just hear me out.I’d like to say that this sudden bout of paranoia is due to a combination of increased good luck, a rapier wit mixed a devil’s charm. But come on seriously look at me I’m short fat and balding. I’m not particularly smart or attractive not that I don’t do “okay” with the ladies; but in all honesty the visits to my bed are few and far between unless they’re paid visits and even then one has to be careful. I seem to be getting off track...where was I...oh yes the beginning.

I’d like to say that it started seven months ago around the time that I first met Beth but to be honest I’m not sure if that’s true. What is true is that I have this unnerving feeling that where ever I go and whatever I do there is someone or some THING out there watching me...keeping an eye on my every move; Maybe it's my guardian angel, maybe God has chosen to give me a celestial being that is making sure I do the right thing.  PWAHAHAHAHA!!!!  Yeah right!!! I'm a fucking serial killer for Christ's sake AND an atheist.  FUCK GOD, and all his or her or its divine retribution. I could care less about the consequences of my actions. It has been my experience in this world that people tend to look outwardly for guidance to invisible old men that live in the sky whenever their lives turn to shit.

There is a reason why bad things happen to good people and the reason is simple---most people aren't good, They only pretend to be good, lying to themselves and to others to get whatever it is they want at the moment. But moments pass and eventually these "good" people are faced with the consequences of their actions.  Most people can't deal with the reality of their actions especially if those actions are bad. Most people simply refuse to take responsibility for their own deeds. How can a person forgive themselves or others if they are not willing to acknowledge that they even did anything wrong?  Again simple turn to the invisible man in the sky seek redemption from something that doesn't exist so you can trick yourself into believing that the wrong thing you did, the very, very cruel and evil thing you did wasn't THAT bad. I hate the hypocrisy of it all...the pure fuckery. And the reality is there is NO GOD and if there is the motherfucker doesn't care.  Because if there was a God monsters like me would not exist. At least I can claim my evil. I wear it like a badge of honor. Y'know why? Because I know what I am and I have accepted it, wholeheartedly. That's what separates me from the hypocrites that beat their spouses then smile in family photos like everything is fine.

Anyway, I still can't deny the fact that someone is following me.  I'm sure that my last two victims got away.  They were somehow saved at the last moment. In total I have taken the lives of seven people over the past eight years but I was always able to make my murders look like accidents.  A simple shove into coming traffic disguised as me clumsily tripping over a crack in the sidewalk. A tablet of ricin dissolved into a pastor's tea causing flu like symptoms in the first day and death within two to three days.  I have been able to hide my tracks quite well over the years and it has given me a certain aptitude into the human condition. 

It is my strong belief that humans are chattel owned and controlled by the most powerful of us. The strongest must be separated from the weakest amongst us; they must be harvested like wheat from the chaff.  And it is the duty of monsters that dwell in darkness to destroy the weak.

The First Donovan

My name is Harold Donovan, I am a time traveler a connoisseur of pockets in space-time. Unfortunately if you travel thru time enough times you start to suffer from certain side effects.  They call it "Jaunt Sickness" which leads to "Fractured Time" syndrome.  I really don't want to go into the details of it all so let's just say that I am in the late stages of Fractured Time Syndrome and one of the symptoms is the creation of multiple selves. Some good some bad and some down right evil. I have been tracking one of my doppelgangers keeping an eye on him and to be honest I do not like what I have been seeing.  It seems that this particular version of me takes great pleasure in murdering innocent people and disguising them as accidents or natural deaths. 

In all actuality I would not care so much had if it were not for the fact that he is manipulating the time stream by doing so.  The people he is killing or trying to kill are not like his first victims.  I think that he was practicing in the beginning getting his method together perfecting his technique.  But now...now he has perfected it and the people that he has been going after are what we time travelers call "catalysts" individuals who are pivotal components in the Earth's history.  Many times these people are not what we would call important, they are not politicians, soldiers or scientists.  I mean to say sometimes they are but more than often they are not they are simply the people who affect the lives of others in such a way that they inspire the "changers" the ones who affect change throughout all of history. Imagine a world where Bill Gates never created Microsoft because was never challenged by his professor at Harvard to create an algorithm or where an Tesla never created AC electricity because he never ate the cholera infected soup at his neighbors house and father never promised God he would send his son to engineering school instead of seminary if he recovered.






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