Memories By: Ted Kelly

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Submitted: July 29, 2012

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Submitted: July 29, 2012




By: Ted Kelly


Memories fall upon us in an inordinate way. They cause us to remember emotions we are very well still able to feel. Happiness, joy, anger, or pain. They

cause sparks in our hearts. Sparks that bring flashbacks quick in the instant, but lifelong in the brain. We look not upon the memories to guide us, but

remember what life was, is, and could be. We use memories to understand situations that once felt awkward and different, to reverse the thought of

easiness in life. To bring back the simplicity of life. The goal, the mission, the fight, the reward. The all around ability to love, forgive, understand. To fight

for justice, peace, equality, and most importantly happiness. This is why we choose to remember.

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