Blaming God! Is it really His fault?

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What we call or consider bad or evil may very well be a part of God's ultimate plan of salvation for us ... Really? ... If in bodily exercises we can say "no pain, no gain," then why can't we consider it good when God throws us onto the potter's wheel, to painfully shape and mold us into the very image of the Lord Jesus Christ? When that clay has been heavily worked, prodded and jabbed, we must certainly consider that it takes this kind of pressure to change the shape of the vessel, along with a burning baptismal fire that solidifies this container into its new form; but, it also takes the breaking of the rough edges to make us perfect, entire, and complete. This book, indeed, explores and examines the possibility that, for such an endeavor to have its maximum effect upon the vessel in question, God may certainly use evil during the enterprise, making us wonder if He can truly be blamed for some of the sufferings that we occasionally go through! Can this really be the case? And if so, can this be a part of our walk that the Bible calls the ‘fellowship of His sufferings?’ If God spared not His own Son from enduring the Passion and the pain of the cross, through the hands of evil men, can we, like Christ, really escape learning obedience by the things that we suffer? And was Paul correct when he said that it's a fearful thing to fall into the hands of a living God? Follow along with Christian, theological author Ted Roberts as he examines this premise, and read along as he answers the difficult question of whether or not we could or should blame God for some of our woes. Also, the author asks additional tough questions herein that a lot of Christians are afraid to ask themselves – or to even hear spoken on! Questions that have caused some people to turn their backs on God, thinking that there really couldn't be sound, reasonable answers to satisfy their predetermined thoughts. Questions, that is, that when properly answered, by using an analytical, sound approach to the Scriptures, demands that the reader (even in their most darkest hour!) admits to the supreme and awesome power of a very loving and kind-hearted God. A God, as we will learn, who sends His children through hellish situations at times for their own benefit and training, so that they can experience that eternal glory which shall be revealed inside of a tried, enduring, and purified vessel.

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Blaming God!

Submitted: August 03, 2017

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Is God in Absolute Control?

Submitted: August 03, 2017

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