I'm What You Need

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic

After years of watching, helping when your hurt.
Now you understand that it's me you need.

Table of Contents

I'm What You Need

After years of watching, helping when your hurt.
Now you understand that it's me you need. Read Chapter

After a detour for smokes, we finally get to my place. Your half asleep so I easily lift you into my arms. I take you inside with ease, '... Read Chapter

I lift you into my arms, wrapped in my mink blanket, and take you down to the lounge. With the nightmares you have, I want you close by s... Read Chapter

Mumbling to myself in pain, I remove your fingernails from my leg. "Through my jeans! Damn. nightmares again." I mutter, as I hold your h... Read Chapter

You lean forward and kiss me softly. You look into my eyes carefully before pulling me against you, grinding yourself onto me. Your u... Read Chapter

\"What's behind that door? where are you going? why won't you fuck me? HEY!\" you yell yourself into a frenzy until I turn, roughly pulli... Read Chapter

I straighten and look at you. \"When I dominated you, you saw me. You got turned on. You liked having the power, but not really having it... Read Chapter

Two hours later, I nervously check my phone. two minutes until your gonna arrive. I text dandan and she tells me to chill out. I smile an... Read Chapter

I turn very sharply left, into the adjoining gaming room here. I grab my controller and tv remote. I hit the power button on both and wai... Read Chapter

I yawn and kiss your head, waiting for sleep. We almost sleep through the whole night, you don't dream and solidly sleep in my arms. I do... Read Chapter

The next morning I'm up at six, I roll over and find you out to it. I kiss you and get up slowly, so I don't disturb you. I get dressed i... Read Chapter

I yawn and roll onto my back, listening to yelling. I rub my eyes as I stumble down stairs towards two women's hysterical screaming. I fi... Read Chapter

After our shower, i quickly dress in black jeans a white singlet and a black button up shirt. I grab socks and kiss you before heading do... Read Chapter

I wake early, checking my watch. 'half past ten?? why is my body clock shot!' I mumble as I get up. I tug on my silk robe, fondling the e... Read Chapter

You stare at me, waiting for an explanation, hoping I will continue. My breathing comes in gasps as I continue, and I have to force mysel... Read Chapter

We pull into a big old house with a man standing out the front, puffing on his pipe. I step out of the car and look up at him, waiting re... Read Chapter

The night passes by pretty smoothly, Janey and Tobias put themselves to bed around ten, and we follow suit soon after. Poppa is sleeping ... Read Chapter

You crawl up beside me, rubbing your palm over the flat of my stomach and kissing my cheek. You kiss my forehead, and slowly bring your l... Read Chapter