A knock

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just something i put to paper

Submitted: October 20, 2014

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Submitted: October 20, 2014



A knock


Your late he says

As if he didn't know 

I'm always late

I stood in the doorway

waiting to see if he’d give me that smirk 

our eyes meet and the pearls came out to play

I walked over where he stood

kissed his neck so sweet


Ive been waiting for you to come home all day

why whats wrong

i have to talk to u about the tenants

how ironic because my brain was 

thinking about them the whole ride home

there so got damn needy and annoying

whats wrong now

just some maintenance things that have to be don

handle it so we can get back to important things


From the corner of my eye i watch that frame walk by

That butt looked so soft i should bend her over this sink 

show her how its mine, she due for a good bust ass session

look into that gaze yea she know what time it is

all this work talk gonna have to take a time out 

i gotta make it mine one more time show her what she be missing 

when she's out


A knock

who could be at the door while i’m imagine crawling up those thighs

A knock

I wonder who that is did you invite someone over babe

A knock

Let me get the door

The door opens with a familiar face i find departing tears in her eyes

as if she knows what has happened behind these walls and lies

how could i have been so silly to not realize that she wouldn’t have found out

standing there belly and all push passed me to come face to face with her nightmare

my wife

A knock 

time to face the reality


© Copyright 2019 Jalisa Danglade. All rights reserved.

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