A World With No Men

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This is a literary fiction depicting feminity's state, when masulinity is absent. Since both qualities are supposed to be together, an imbalance occurs when one of them is absent.

The story was longlisted in the Springtime Writing Contest in Brilliant Fiction Magazine.

Submitted: April 06, 2016

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Submitted: April 06, 2016



Besides a wooden representation of a mammoth, there was a wooden statue of a man. He looked fat, hairy and ugly.

“What happened to men?!” a pupil asked. Great curiosity glittered in her eyes. She had an iPad, ready to record what the historian, a woman, would tell her.

She was not the only curious pupil – there were others, who were all girls, who had their iPads ready. It was interesting to learn what men ate, how they dressed, how they walked, how they talked, and other manly things.

Men, the historian began, were creatures who loved eating without a break, and belch in breaks. They didn’t talk much, which is strange for women. Watching TV and hanging out in the bar was one of their favorite past times. They also did all kinds of stuffs without first thinking about their consequences or what they did…..

The historian went on and on until a girl raised her little, right hand from the back.

“Were all men fat, hairy and ugly?” the girl asked.

There was silence for a while, mixed with soft giggles. The girls could tell that the historian was a bit clueless, with the way she bit her nails and occasionally cleared her throat.

“From our archeological findings, we couldn’t be able to clarify whether they were all fat, ugly or hairy. What I can tell you is that they were stronger and taller,” she replied, after a long sigh.

Another girl raised her hand. She had a pink T-Shirt on, written “Women rule the World.” She also had pink jeans trousers.

The girl in pink wanted to know how and why all the men disappeared in the world. It was illogical, she thought, that a cataclysmic event like a rapture or a viral strain would target only the men. She felt that something was not adding up. The historian could read the questions in her eyes.

“One day we just woke up, and found all the men gone…..forever!” her mother always told her. She didn’t look at all shocked as she said those words; they were as simple making pancakes for breakfast, which she always made.

Sometimes the pancakes choked her when her daughter asked who her father was. Telling a young girl that she was bred and grown in a lab was the last thing she could ever think of saying. If she made such utterances, her daughter would hate her forever.

It was difficult to lie to her, telling her the father she once had, had mysteriously disappeared. Her daughter was very smart – she secretly kept and read biology text books, which carried the weight of reproduction literature with them. She knew everything her daughter did and read in secret.

A mother who loved her daughter very much had a great idea. One morning she made pancakes as usual, but this time packed some pudding for her daughter to eat. The girl happily went for her school’s educational trip, to learn about who men were and how they lived.

Little did the girl know that she would me a historian who knew so much, but didn’t know why all the men in the world disappeared or who made them disappear.

The historian’s final words to the girls, was that Albert Einstein once said the world would end if all the bees disappeared in the world. He didn’t say what would happen if all the men in the world disappeared.





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