How a troubled couple's house looks

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This is a story in list form, about how disorderly life is, for a couple no getting along.

Submitted: April 07, 2016

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Submitted: April 07, 2016



A heap of dirty laundry is spread everywhere, like litter in a park after an explosion. Doing laundry for a man who had an affair with his private secretary is the last thing in a wife’s mind.

Smell of a liquor store is present in the sitting room. It comes in the middle of the night, and leaves at daybreak. The windows have to be open, to erase the memories of a man who sang right in front of you, with nothing but boxers on.

A once happily married couple sleeps in different quarters. There is something about a husband sharing a bed with a wife who has saved his brother’s name as “Darling” in her phonebook. If he asks her about it, she reminds him about his private secretary.

The house is almost deficient of anything made of glass. The wall is the last thing a wine glass touches, before splitting like a supernova.

Marriage counselors frequently visit a house with screaming colors and silent people. The couples thought painting their house like a fun house would make them live a happier and more fascinating life, only to experience character clash. To conceal their complex marriage problems, the couple change their counseling session into a dinner.

Ashtrays can be found everywhere in the house. The husband or wife frequently smoke,  while seated  on a rocking chair like a novelist trying to remove a writer’s block off his head. It is hard sticking for twenty years with a person who doesn’t know your allergies or pet’s name.

Yellow stickers can be found in the kitchen and almost every door. They are written instruction, requests, questions, and answers. That’s the only way a couple can talk to each other without saying things they wouldn’t have said.

Family albums have many missing pictures – they resemble albums for single parents.

It is common to see a man on his knees praying for something most people don’t have; amnesia. Forgetting someone he shared half of his life is very difficult. Alcohol bottles, ashtrays and a TV running throughout the night are concrete testimonies to that fact.

Techno savvy couples have surveillance cameras fixed in their houses. None knows what to expect when they are working in the afternoon hours.

Their children, who are now grown up and know the difference between right and wrong, avoid home like a plague. Often it feels as though their parents are campaigning for who is the best parent. This is common in Fathers’ Day and Mothers’ Day.

Their house seems to age with time. Clocks stop moving, spiders build webs, and dust settles everywhere, including on top of a grand piano that once played love songs.



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