The Big Earth Shake

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A story of servival.

Submitted: November 22, 2013

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Submitted: November 22, 2013






 The year was 1700bc the earth was on the verge of a meltdown the earth was shaking and trembling it was as if the stars were falling from the sky. Balls of gas were plummeting from the sky causing animals to die and the ground to open , The world was changing the plants were dying there was hardly any food left for the hungry animals to eat. It was as if evalution was in control now, the animals running searching for shelter each animal trying to protect itself from harm.

 What to do were to go ;Head for the hills one suggested so together they went .Here we should be safe said the bigger animal to the smaller one ,all night there were loud thunderous noises. Can't sleep either said the big animal to the little one just stay close to me it will be over soon .Next morning came the sun shined bright but it was hard to see from all the dust that hadn’t settled and the smoke from the large fire balls . With the earth still trembling the big animal went out to get some food and the little one stayed back to stay safe. Two days passed still no food hungry and scared the little animal went to find something to eat as he was walking searching he found his friends were have you been the little animal asked .The lands are different know there is hardly any food and many have died. We have to keep moving to try to find the green valley. In search of this valley they came across many searching too for this valley .So together along with the other they began there journey to find the green valley. How much longer it has been three day and still nothing, we must first find the stone that looks like a snail, pass the snail stone. To fire mountain and their it is said we will find the green valley.

Again the earth began to tremble we must move faster said the big animals and stay together. They came along a scared and lonely little animal, come with us were going to the green valley. Yes I would like to go to the green valley their we will find food and many other running from the big earth shake. Maybe I will find my family. And together away they went. We are looking for the stone that looks like a snail pass the snail stone to fire mountain are you not scared the little animal said to the other little animal. Yes and hungry. I have not eaten in four days we have not eaten in just as many days we must stay strong, and just as the sun began to go down. Look over their food a singletree standing in the middle of their path. All so hungry they had to share. It was just enough for them to gain their strength to continue on to the green valley. Together they went many days and many nights with mountains trembling and earth shaking under them making it difficult to reach the green valley. Then as the path almost seemed to disappear, appeared the stone that look like a snail with many colors it stood higher than any mountain they had ever seen and look exactly like a snail. We have found it the snail stone we have found it, not much longer until we get to the green valley. They continued on not reaching fire mountain till the next day.Geen Valley we are here ,we have found green valley all the eating we want.Geen Valley was all they had expected the valley was long and filled with trees as far as they could see their was a large lake to drink from.The earth was calm again. There was laughter and little one playing and family’s gathering. As if there was never any earth shake at all.



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