The Captain

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a story about a prince whose family died in the hands of Vulcar, a power-hungry emperor of the Six-Stars System in the Andromeda Galaxy. Challenges and people he meets prepares him to get back what is rightfully his: his throne as the ruler of the Aurora Constellation.

 Alone on a frozen lake, he struggled to break the ice-ceiling, to get a clearer glimpse of fish that would help him fight a three-day hunger. A penguin bone for a knife is the only hunting tool that he had.

It finally took him three painstaking hours to get at least three fish, and hook them against his spear. The journey back to the cave was an epic he didn’t like to think very much about. With his previous tracks covered with ice, he had to rely on the direction of the wind or cave swallows.

He learnt the hard way of survival in a span of six months; thanks to his space ship that fell on the vast, rocky grassland now frozen. Weapons and communication devices were far from his reach. Civilization had become a sweet wishing dream.

Instead of using nets or harpoons to hunt for fish, the only food around him, he had to depend on patience, with a bone and hands as his tools. Unlike in his previous homeland, where he wore refined clothes, he had to design a covering for his body from polar bear fur.

The only human in an icy continent, also had to create his own fire to keep himself warm, and protect himself from vampire bats. His determination to live was his hope.

Resting on his chest was a broken time -portal key. It reminded him of the Starship Athena, which he was her captain. Sadly, the rest of crew members perished in a grisly crash. His ship was shot down by Vulcar, who was the dark emperor of “Six-stars systems” in Andromeda galaxy.

Psychic powers that had weakened after the accident were his only salvation in fighting Vulcar’s men, in case they sighted him. There was a very minute chance for him to fight his enemies in his state. Ironically, his heart was hungry for spiritual peace, rather than vengeance.

It would beat the logic of any person knowing that the captain knew that Vulcar had killed both of his parents, when he was a two-year old boy. He was also ready to meet him, and plead that he stops his invasions. Besides preserving the remaining peace in the galaxy, it would also be a form of forgiveness in turn.

His godlike attitude originated from his uncle on his father’s side of the family, who was also a sage. “Vengeance is an illness that eats away your inner peace. Fight it with compassion,” his uncle always told him. “No power or technology can surpass the essence of Gaia. She is everywhere!”

Raised in a temple dedicated to Gaia, with the help of priestesses and monks, he grew up to become a man who sought peace at all cost. As a blessing for seeking righteousness, he was blessed with a psychic ability to create plasma energy.

No weapon could outmatch the destruction his power caused, when it was in its optimum state. He used his ability by directing his hands at a particular target, and tightly clenching his fist. Any matter could be turned to vapor in a single strike! Veins in his hands created patterns like that of lightning striking in the sky.

 It is only his uncle who knew the secret. It was revealed when the captain was seventeen years of age. He was awed and frustrated all at once, as he heard his uncle disclosing his secrets. “Both of your parents were royals, and yourself as their only child, and rightful heir to the throne,” his uncle said. “During your parents’ rule, peace and prosperity reigned in the Aurora constellation, which was their kingdom. In the middle of the kingdom’s city, a palace made out of gold and marble pierced through the clouds……”

Eyes glittered with curiosity as the sage spoke.  The youthful mind was filled with fantasies of how the city looked like, as his uncle went on narrating his story.

“In one fateful day, Vulcar entered the Aurora constellation with his blood-thirsty, reptilian warriors. His main goal was not to absorb the gold-rich Aurora kingdom into his empire. Besides having a soft spot for your beautiful mother, the queen, he also wanted to offer thousands of military drones to Aurora kingdom, in exchange for Thoth, a moon.

As a strategic centre for exploration and observing almost a quarter of the Andromeda galaxy, Vulcar found it a wise deal to strike. As a man who detested anything that involved war, your father resisted Vulcar’s advances. Enraged and humiliated before his men, Vulcar called your father a traitor. Sadly, he was executed on the following day, and your mother forced to marry the evil emperor.

Thermo-laser blasts and drones surveillance became the order of the day. As a man who loved only his weapons and warriors, he denied basic rights to your people. Thousands of Aurora citizens died from hunger, cold, and thirst. Your mother being a kind-hearted person she was, she could not handle her people’s frustrations deep in her heart.

Her last spark of happiness and hope being flooded by depression, she finally passed away. Before she died, I had sworn to protect you with my life. That’s why I brought and raised you in Gaia’s temple.”

Shaking with rage, the captain’s hands started to glow. As his uncle tried to console him, his left hand punched the ground, causing a mild earthquake. It is at that moment the sage realized that his nephew wasn’t an ordinary person. From then on, the sage helped his nephew in mastering his mind and energy, making them One. “Vengeance is an illness that eats away your inner peace. Fight it with compassion,” became his motto.


At twenty-five years, the captain was old enough to explore deep space, though he had to ask his uncle for permission first. Armed with the knowledge that deep space had black-holes and asteroids, which made it difficult for drones and spaceships to navigate, the captain decided to secretly hire a spaceship. His mission was to explore new worlds which could sustain life, and secretly smuggle the remaining Aurora citizens to their new home.

Under his command were fine space explorers and navigators who totaled to six; four men and two women. The only invisible challenge that he had was Vulcar’s spies. They were very aware about his plans to navigate and explore deep space. As a trap, they sent a dozen stealth drones to surround the navigation space which the captain and his crew were to use.

On the day of the navigation, the captain and his crew boarded their Starship Athena, and started its engine ignition sequence. It was only a matter of time before they realized that they were a hundred thousand miles away from the ground.

As they reached close to deep space navigation zone, the captain removed the time-portal key and inserted it on the plasma accelerator. No sooner had he turned the key, than when laser blasts bombarded them. Their Starship Athena was partly in flames as it peered through a wormhole!


A blurry vision of a white sky, and lying on ice was the next thing he witnessed and experienced. Everything happened in a flash! On his right, his Starship Athena was now a wreck, looking like a crumbled tin.

For a strange reason his hands felt different. A feeling of powerlessness overwhelmed him, making him to shed tears in frustration. He was certain that the rest of the crew didn’t make it throughout the turbulent journey.

“Don’t be afraid,” a feminine voice whispered. “A seer from one of Aurora’s allies will see you in a vision, and save you from this ice planet. You will meet other kings, queens, and princes who are determined to end Vulcar’s tyrannical rule. A powerful army and military fleet will be raised, flooding Vulcar’s defenses. You will sit on the throne of Aurora with your hands’ might, and return it back to its peace and prosperity. All that it takes now is only having faith….”

As the captain turned round, searching for the voice’s origin, a penguin bone fell from the sky, and dropped between his feet!

“That will be your tool for now. It will help you grow and learn more about yourself,” came the voice again.

““Horus!” “Horus!” people will shout your name!” 

  A new dawn hard started in his heart. The Divine was on his side.


Submitted: April 22, 2016

© Copyright 2021 Teddy Kimathi. All rights reserved.

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