the crying mountain (1)

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the current events in the middle east have inspired me to write this simple short story that consists of two parts.enjoy!!

Submitted: July 27, 2014

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Submitted: July 27, 2014



Once upon a time,there was a village called TOPIANA situated  near a great mountain.TOPIANA's  people had always standing conflicts,everlasting wars and bloody battles;they have never been united,always had disagreements for insignificant reasons.

Over decades,the situation in TOPIANA never changed,they kept fighting and fighting...untill one day while they were preparing their arms and swords to begin a new war,the ground shook under their feet and huge rocks began to roll from the top of that mountain;it rolled incessantly day and night for about a whole week but no one ever tried to understand why this huge rocks are falling ,they just avoided them,except one person who wanted merely the truth,he was Alexander.

Alexander was different from the others he was very peaceful and kind to everybody his heart was full of mercy and pureness he was against violent and war,he tried repeatedly to convince his people that war is a wrong path that leads nations to their doom,but they all ignored him and never took him seriously so he was very often lonely.

Alexander set out the journey to discover the truth of the mysterious rolling rocks;it took him days and nights to climb and finally reached the top of the mountain where he discovered a shocking truth,the rolling rocks were actually............{TO BE CONTINUED}

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