I Remember

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I Remember When..

Submitted: May 10, 2013

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Submitted: May 10, 2013



I Remember I Was Born In The Ghetto. I Remember I Was Raise In The Ghetto. I Remember Robbing Kids My Age For Candy. I Remember Not Having Shoes On My Feet Like The Others. I Remember Staying A Night On The Sidewalk Because My Mama Was Gone. I Remember Writing Mike Name On The Wall Because He Died. I Remember Bubble Stole My Mama's Food Stamps. I Remember Our Lights And Water Was Off For Two Weeks. I Remember My Own Auntie Called Me Ugly. I Remember Having Roaches As My Bestfriends. I Remember Selling Pills In Front Of My Teacher's Classroom. I Remember When Ms. McKinney Said I Wasn't Going To Be Nothing Then What Im Am Now. I Remember My Uncle Shot His Own Son. I Remember Keisha Broking My Heart. I Remember Black Hit My Mama Over A Damn Sandwich And She Was Bruised. I Remember Spitting On My Cousin's Grave Because Snitch On My Brother. I Remember When My Daddy Took Me Away From All The Pain. I Remember Robbing A Sweet Old Woman Because I Was Hungry...Now She In The Hospital.

I Remember The First Blunt I Smoke, I Smoked So Much That I Dont Even Like It Anymore. I Remember The First Boosie Song I Heard, Since That I Been A True Fan. I Remember The First Time I Got My \"Flag\" For Setting Mark Crack And Money On Fire. I Remember Getting My First Gun, I Went Home Kissed It And Threw It In The Puddle. I Remember When I Saw My Mama Cried Because She Hated Struggling. I Remember The First Time I Prayed For A Changed Life. I Remember When I Seen My First Crime Scence...RIP MY BROTHER G. It Seem Like All I Can Remember Is The Bad Things That Happened In My Life. I Wonder Why The Bad Outweigh The Good In My Life...Guess I'll Never Find Out.

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