Crash in Tinian

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Can Owen survive the crash at Tinian. Would he die. Read the book to find out.

Submitted: March 06, 2014

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Submitted: March 06, 2014




“Lets go to Saipan” my mother said. We were trying to book a flight to somewhere warm to go. I was looking on the internet to give me new ideas of where I wanted to go. My sister said that she wanted to go to Thailand. Me and my mother wanted to go to Saipan.

“Mom I’m going to the travel agent with dad so we know which is cheaper and better” I said. Me and my dad went to the bread shop on the way to the travel agent.

When it was dinner time me and my dad said that we were going to Saipan. I loved it, today was the best day ever. My sister started crying “ I want go Thailand”. My sister was young only 4 years old so sometimes she made mistakes with vocabulary’s.

“ It’s cheaper and more beautiful in the beach.” My father said. It was 8 o clock so my sister took a shower and went to bed. Being a 14 year old brother was hard.

”You are booking the flight and the hotel ah right” my dad said.

“Why me you do it you're the father”

“Because you are 14 years old and you have to be able to book your own flight when you grow up” my father told me in a mean way.

I was booking the flight to saipan on until it was 2 in the morning when I got the flight tickets. Now I only had to do the hotel booking which was the hard part. It was 2 in the morning so I couldn’t book the hotel room.

The next day I called the hotel. ”We will like to book a room” I said on the phone.

“ We dont have any room sir.”

“oh ok thanks.”

“We are very sorry that we don’t have any rooms for you this time we hope you can come to Hyatt next time” I cut the phone. I thought that we could go to Mariana Resort & Spa. I booked the cottage on the internet. After I booked the flight I told my family that we were leaving tomorrow  to the airport. My sister and my mom went to the groceries store to get some snacks for the plane ride.

“Lets go it’s 2 in the morning”I said in a sleepy voice.”So” interrupted my dad.

”So we have to wake up the plane leaves at 7 o'clock in the morning.”

“ Why do you have to book a flight 7 o’clock in the morning.”

“ So we can play at Saipan when we get there.” We got our suitcases out from the living room and putting them into the car. At 2:30 we started driving to ABC parking. We arrived at 5 o'clock in the morning we went to ABC parking and took our suitcases out from the car and to the shuttle bus. The shuttle bus arrived at terminal 1 first but we weren't taking terminal 1 because it was for domestic flights. We were going to terminal 2 for international flights. At Narita airport we went to the sky lounge. It was great, at sky lounge because you had free buffet and  drinks. It was about 6:30 am when the announcement came on.

“Flight 2702 going to Saipan international airport boarding for business class and first class only.”  I went to gate 27 and got our tickets out from my bag. We were in a line called sky priority. I put the ticket barcode to the barcode reader. The gate opened and we went through the gate. When we went on the plane it was a bit cold. It was boeing 777 it had 2 floors. The flight attendant came to our seats and said

“Do you want some drinks?”

“ Yes I would like to have Coke” I told the flight attendant. It was pretty cold in the plane but everyone had red cheeks. The announcement came on

“It will be 3 hours and 8 minutes to Saipan international airport and we will have some turbulence coming down to saipan” I got my iPhone out from my pocket and set the timer for 3 hours and 8 minutes. The airplane started to go backward it felt strange.The engine was noisy. I looked outside and thought about the crash in Osaka. I hope that won’t happen on this plane I thought.The airplane was full of passengers and it was ready for take off. The airplane was waiting for the runway to be cleared.

“ We are going to take off” the announcement said. The engine started rumbling, the tires  were spinning faster and faster. I could hear the tires going over small rock’s. Suddenly the airplane went quite. It was in the air.

“How do you feel Sera” I asked  my little sister.

“Shut up Owen” said my sister. Her face was completely white so I thought that she was scared. I was yawning a lot of times. My eyes got thinner and thinner and thinner. I was sleeping in the chair.

“We will be giving out menus” said the announcement. My eyes were open I looked outside it was not cloudy at all. The attendants came to our seats “ Would you want some chicken or beef” I could hear other attendants saying chicken or beef.

“I will have chicken” I told her.

“ Me too”

“Me too”

“Me too” everyone ordered chicken. Chicken or beef chicken or beef my head was only thinking about chicken or beef. I got my computer out. “Boom boom boom” it was from the computer. I was playing Tanki-Online it was the best game in the world. All my friends played after I introduced them to the game.

“ We are so sorry but the unmelting system has been broken so we can not bring out food” it was ok with me because I wasn't hungry at all. I got the DVD player out from my bag. Mission impossible 2 the DVD player wrote on the screen.

“Sound effects by Owen Jeffrey Directed by Fireball Bustin” the DVD said.

“We will be landing in 15 minutes at Saipan international airport.” I looked outside we were in the clouds. It was like we were in milk it was so white.The plane started rumbling it became louder and louder. The airplane was in turbulence. Then it became quite I looked outside from the window it was blue sky and I could see land. The announcement came on

“ The island we are over is Guam then it will be Rota and Tinian and then Saipan.” I thought that it will be a little low for an boeing 777 to come before landing. It was coming pretty low. I thought that it was going to hit the tree in Rota. The plane was coming lower and lower and lower it was almost touching the water. The announcement came on

“ Please be ready for emergency landing put your hands in front of you” I was getting scared. My sister was crying. I could see other people in a worried face. I felt strange like in a roller coaster.

“?:;:]/.7$%&’($”#$’&’?}*” I could see redish stuff over in the back. It was very warm in another way to say hot. It was flames coming towards us.

“ Clink clink clink” what was the sound. It happened 2 or 3 times. I could see blue sky in the far distance. Now I can hear people talking and cold cold water like rain coming down.

“Swish swish swish” it was helicopters on top of us spraying water on our heads. I ran towards where Sera was. I picked up Sera and ran towards where the exit was. I was outside running further from the plane.

“Boom boom boom” the plane exploded. I looked in front of me there were about 20 ambulance coming towards us and some news reporters. I was waving my hand like a metronome for calling an ambulance. An ambulance came our way and stopped in front of us. A guy came out from the trunk and took my sister in . I went on the bench in the trunk. The siren came on blaring loud.

“Are you alright” my mom said. I looked around where I could be now. I was on the bed laying. A doctor came my way

“You fainted on the ambulance” I couldn't believe it. I've never fainted before.

“Wheres Sera” I said in a scared voice.

“ Shes right here my dad told me.” She was too short for me too see her.


The End


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