Teddy Wolf learns How to Use his Magic

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Teddy Wolf learns how best to use the "Power of the FullMoon!"

Submitted: November 16, 2011

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Submitted: November 16, 2011



“The Adventures of Teddy Wolf™ in the MoonForest”

Teddy Wolf Learns How to Use His Magic

By J. Hamilton based on original concept by Lorenzo Bellamy

1.One morning Teddy Wolf and his sister, Wendy Wolf, jumped out of bed all excited. This morning, right after breakfast, they were going into Moon Forest to hunt for moon berries. The people on Planet O love moon berry pies!

Teddy Wolf heard Wendy having some kind of trouble, so he went into her room. First, being very polite, Teddy Wolf knocked on Wendy’s bedroom door.

“Come in,” Wendy Wolf said.

“What is the matter?” Teddy Wolf asked.

“I can’t tie my shoe!” Wendy cried.

“Oh, it’s easy,” Teddy Wolf replied, “Here, I will show you how. First you take one string and make a loop like this. Play like that loop is a tree. Now with your other hand, loop the other string and play like it’s a rabbit. Make the rabbit run around the tree like this. See? The rabbit then goes in the hole at the bottom of the tree. That’s it. Pull the second loop through. Now pull both loops until the bow is tight.”

“Oh, Teddy Wolf, it’s so easy! Now I can remember how to tie my shoes!” Wendy said with joy.

Mother Wolf called them to breakfast. She had made moon berry pancakes. “That is the last of our moon berries,” she said to the children, “I hope you can find many more in the Moon Forest this morning.”

Their father, Theodore Wolf, came into the kitchen with a big jug of Zapple Tree syrup the people of Planet O love more than anything.

“This is the last of the zap, too,” Theodore Wolf said, “We will all go into the Moon Forest this morning. Teddy Wolf and Wendy can look for moon berries and I will collect more zap so I can make more syrup.”

“Yea!” said Teddy Wolf and Wendy.

Right after breakfast, the three of them entered the Moon Forest. When they walked a little way, the forest began to grow dark because of all the trees. Teddy Wolf brought out his favorite thing—his flashlight. Then it was easy to see where they were going.

2.Theodore Wolf showed the children where the moon berry bushes were growing. The trees were smaller there and sunshine was everywhere. Teddy Wolf did not need his flashlight then so he put it away.

“Look!” shouted Teddy Wolf, “There must be a million berries on each bush!”

Teddy Wolf and Wendy went right to work picking the berries and putting them into the two baskets their mother gave them. Wendy got tired when her basket was half full because she was much younger than Teddy Wolf. So she sat down under a giant Moon Forest toadstool and soon fell asleep.

Teddy Wolf put his full basket down and picked up Wendy’s half full one. He wanted to finish filling her basket and let her sleep. Teddy Wolf was always very thoughtful!

While Teddy Wolf was working, a large Moon Butterfly landed on Wendy Wolf’s nose! It woke her and she jumped up off the ground. The butterfly flew away and Wendy laughed and ran after it. Soon Wendy stopped running. She looked around and could not find her way back to the moon berry bushes.

“Oh, dear, I’m lost!” Wendy said out loud.

3.When Teddy Wolf finished picking the berries, he went to get Wendy Wolf. He looked under the Moon Forest toadstool but Wendy was not there!

“Wendy! Wendy!” he called, but she did not answer.

Theodore Wolf, hearing Teddy Wolf call out for Wendy, came running. He was carrying a big jug of Zapple Tree zap to make into Bearians favorite food, zapple syrup.

“What’s the matter, Teddy Wolf?” Theodore asked.

“It’s Wendy. She was sleeping here under the toadstool but now she is gone!” he said.

“Maybe she walked back home,” Theodore Wolf said, “I will go to the house. You wait here for a while in case she comes back to the moon berry bushes.”

Teddy Wolf sat down on the toadstool. He was very sad. He thought that he should have taken better care of his sister. He did not think she walked home because she did not know the way and she did not have a flashlight.

Suddenly, Teddy Wolf heard a something that sounded like, “Flap! Flap!” He looked up and saw Owl flying down to the ground beside him.

“Why do you look so sad, Teddy Wolf?” Owl asked.

“Oh, Owl, I have lost my sister, Wendy, and I cannot find her anywhere!” Teddy Wolf cried.

“Well, use your magic, Teddy Wolf!” Owl said.

“How can I do that?” he asked.

Owl blinked his big eyes. “Put your hand over your heart there where the moon is on your T-shirt, Teddy Wolf. Then close your eyes.”

Teddy Wolf did as Owl told him and he began to spin around like a top! When he stopped spinning, his fur was bright red!

“Wow!” said Teddy Wolf. “How did that happen? And why am I all red?”

Owl said, “It is the magic that Millie and Harold Wolfian gave to you when you were just a baby. The red color is because of the moon season. Each time you do your magic, you will be the color of the moon. “And it is the season of the Full RedMoon.”

4.“Wow!” said Teddy Wolf.

Then he discovered that he could hear sounds from very far away. He blinked his eyes and he could see deep into the Moon Forest right through the trees!

“I see Wendy!” he shouted, “and there is a big butterfly sitting on her head! She’s crying because she is lost!”

Teddy Wolf took off running and soon came to where Wendy was sitting on a big rock.

“Oh, Teddy Wolf!” Wendy cried with a big smile on her face, “You found me!”

Then Wendy Wolf looked with wide eyes. “Teddy Wolf! What happened to you? You’re all red!”

“It’s my magic, Wendy. Owl showed me how to use it so I could find you. Look!”

Teddy Wolf put his hand over his heart and closed his eyes. He started to spin around fast. When he stopped, he was back to his usual color.

“Don’t you need your magic to help us find our way home?” Wendy asked.

“Oh, no. I have my flashlight and I know the way home,” Teddy Wolf said.

Then he put Wendy Wolf on his back and began walking home. When they stepped out of Moon Forest, their mother, Harriet Wolf, came running to them. She hugged them both and took them into the house for a big meal of baked vegetables and pumpkin pie.

After lunch, Wendy and Teddy Wolf helped their mother clear the dishes off the table. Then they washed their hands and faces and brushed their teeth put on their warm Teddy Sweats, because mom turn down the heat to save energy before they went to bed to take a nap. It certainly had been an exciting day!

The next day, Teddy Wolf and Wendy went with their father to help him make the zapple syrup. Theodore Wolf poured the zap he had collected from the Zapple trees into a big iron pot. Under the pot, he built a fire to heat the zap. Teddy Wolf went to the stream to get a pail of clean, clear water. Wendy went along with him, but she was too small to carry the heavy pail of water. She just liked to put her toes into the stream and watch the big fish swim lazily in the water.

Teddy Wolf filled the pail and was about to go back to his father when Reddley Bear came running up.

5.“Teddy Wolf! Come quick! My brother has fallen into the well and we can’t get him out!” Reddley shouted.

Now Reddley had come to Teddy Wolf because his friend was very clever. Reddley Bear did not know that Teddy Wolf was magic.

The problem was that Teddy Wolf knew he needed to go to help get Reddley’s brother out of the well, but he had also promised his father to bring water from the stream. Teddy Wolf always obeyed his father and mother.

Quickly he put his hand over his heart and closed his eyes. Reddley Bear jumped back as Teddy Wolf began to spin around like a top. When he stopped spinning, he was once again all red and his little Bearian friend was surprised.

“Goodness!” said Reddley Bear, “How did you do that?”

“There is no time to explain now, Reddley. You run back to the well and I will be there soon. Here, take my flashlight. That way you can see down in the well and it will make your brother feel better.” Teddy Wolf always thought about other people’s feelings.

Reddley ran back to the Bearian village and Wendy ran after him. She was curious to see a small Bearian down in a deep well.

Teddy Wolf picked up the pail of water and ran like the wind back to his father. Theodore Wolf was not surprised to see Teddy Wolf move so quickly. He did not think it strange that his son was all red, either.

Teddy Wolf explained to his father that Reddley’s baby brother was in a well and he had to go help get him out. Then he took off like a shooting star.

6.When the red streak stopped suddenly at the well, all the Bearians stepped back. They were surprised to see a red Wolfian who looked a lot like Teddy Wolf. He looked down into the well and called, “Bundy Bear, are you all right? Can you hear me?”

“Yes, I can hear you. Is that you, Teddy Wolf?” he sobbed, “I’m cold and I’m frightened. Can you get me out?”

Teddy Wolf let himself over the edge and began going down the rock wall of the well. The Bearians all gather around looking down at Teddy Wolf. They could see because Reddley Bear was shining Teddy Wolf’s flashlight down the dark well.”

“Don’t cry, Bundy,” Teddy Wolf said, “I am coming for you!”

Bundy Bear stopped crying as he saw Teddy Wolf getting nearer and nearer. When he got down to where Bundy was, Teddy told him to climb up onto his back. It was going to be a difficult climb back up the rocky sides of the well.

Because Teddy Wolf was in his magic, he could hear sounds from very far away. What he heard was the “Flap! Flap!” of Owl’s wings flying high over the well. He heard Owl say, “Close your eyes and think ‘jump’!”

Teddy Wolf did what Owl said and suddenly he flew out of the well and over the heads of the Bearians landing several feet behind them. Bundy Bear was laughing.

“Whee! Let’s do that again!” he shouted.

“Oh, no, Bundy Bear. I think you’ve had enough adventure for one day,” Teddy Wolf said. Then he put down the young Bearian and put his hand over his heart and closed his eyes one more time. When he stopped spinning, everyone was surprised.

7.“Why, it’s Teddy Wolf!” they shouted. They all clapped their hands and gathered around him.

“That was wonderful, Teddy Wolf. We don’t know how to thank you!”

Teddy Wolf looked shy. He knew he could not have done it without the magic given him by Harold and Millie Wolfian when he was a baby.

About that time Hariett and Theodore Wolf came running up. The Bearians had many questions for them.

“Where did Teddy Wolf get his magic?”

“Did you know he could do that?”

“Can you do that magic, too?”

“Oh, my, no!” said Harriet Wolf, “Teddy Wolf is very special. The great Wolfian magicians gave him his magic when he was just a baby.”

Then she and Theodore told the Bearians the whole story. Bundy Bear was very tired by that time and his mother took him home to put him to bed. She did not scold Bundy for being careless around the well. She knew that he had learned his lesson and would never do such a thing again.

About that time, everyone heard someone say, “Ahem!” They all knew it was Mayor Bluster Bear because he always were the same shoes and said, “Ahem!” before he was about to make a speech.

“Teddy Wolf, all of the people of the Bearian Village want to thank you for being a hero and saving Bundy Bear.” He pinned a shiny medal on Teddy Wolf’s T-shirt and everyone clapped and cheered. Teddy Wolf turned bright red in the face. It was not his magic. He was embarrassed. Teddy Wolf said, “Thank you, Mr. Mayor,” because he was always polite.

8.Teddy Wolf, Reddley, and Wendy slipped away into the Moon Forest and headed back to the Wolf family house. Harriet Wolf came home and made them some moon berry muffins. She invited Reddley Bear to stay over for dinner that evening, so he ran home to ask permission from his mother. Reddley was polite, too.

After dinner, Teddy Wolf walked Reddley Bear back to his house because it was dark. Teddy Wolf pulled out his flashlight so that they could see where they were walking. Reddley chattered all the way home about how Teddy Wolf had saved his brother and how happy he was to have a magic friend.

“Do some magic,” Reddley begged.

“I can’t do that, Reddley,” said Teddy Wolf, “I must only use my magic when something serious happens.”

“You mean like Wendy getting lost and Bundy falling down the well?” Reddley asked.

“Yes,” said Teddy Wolf, “My magic is only to help people. At other times, I am just a plain Wolfian bear.”

“Well,” said Reddley Bear, “That’s all right, too, because I like you just the way you are!”

The boys were both laughing when the reached Reddley’s house and Teddy Wolf headed back home.

That night, Teddy Wolf was very tired. Before he went to bed he took his bath, he did not let the water run to long and was careful to wash behind his ears. Just before he drifted off to sleep, Teddy Wolf looked out his window and saw the red moon. He smiled and closed his eyes and dreamed of Millie and Harold Wolfian who would always be with him in all his adventures.

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